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  • Whovians Rejoice!  Doctor Who LEGOS to be produced this year!
    BBC announces Doctor Who LEGOS to be produced later this year
    For all you Whovians out there who have bemoaned the fact that "The Doctor" has not been enshrined in something a little more permanent than television and movies, take heart! On Feb. 4, the BBC’s LEGO Website announced that it is...
  • 'Wall-E' is very impressive
    'Wall-E' is very impressive
    Yesterday, this column reviewed “Monsters Inc.” a Pixar-produced film. The brilliant storytellers based in the San Francisco Bay Area state-of-the art animation studios managed to humanize monsters, making the audience root for them,...
  • Pixar's rise to animation powerhouse
    Pixar's rise to animation powerhouse
    Pixar is owned by Disney as of 2014, making it part of a behemoth of modern animation. It did not take long for Pixar to become as iconic as Disney. It is a name as synonymous with modern, top-quality animation as Disney is with nostalgia and old...
  • Wall-E
    An Examiner's Top 5 Pixar films (so far)
    On June 21, Disney/Pixar will launch its 14th feature-length collaboration with Monsters University, the sequel to the 2001 Oscar-winning hit Monsters, Inc. It is the third feature in the Pixar vaults to achieve a follow-up project, with Toy Story...
  • Finding Nemo (2003)
    Andrew Stanton to return to Pixar for ‘Finding Nemo’ sequel
    Pixar announced the next movie from their catalogue that will get a sequel. On July 17, the award winning animation studio announced they will release “Finding Nemo 2” and Andrew Stanton will return to Pixar to direct it.This is the...
  • Pixar
    Top 5 Pixar classics
    Pixar has come a long way since starting out as a small computer division of Lucasfilms in 1979. With it’s sister division Industrial Light and Magic, The Graphics Group (early name of Pixar) worked on cutting edge visual effects sequences...
  • WALL-E poster
    'WALL-E' movie review for the NoMa 2012 summer screening
    This summer in D.C., NoMa Summer Screen will be showing outdoor movies in the northeast of the city. The theme for their festival this year is ‘the end of the world.’ No vision of the apocalypse is at once more heart-warming and...
  • Earth Day
    Earth Day films for all
    Get ready for Earth Day with these nature-inspired films:For the kids:"Happy Feet" (2006): Mumble’s tap dancing ability is not a highly desirable trait of his Emperor penguin colony, where song is used to find a soul mate, but it...
  • Wall-E
    Wall-E perfect replacement for Captain EO at Disneyland
    Reports are surfacing that Disneyland is actively looking to replace Captain EO in its 3D theatre in tommorrowland. The park brought it back for an encore run after a 13 year run of “Honey, I shrunk the audience” made its home there....
  • Finding Nemo
    Children's movies have many life applications for adults
    A person doesn't have to be a child to enjoy a good children's movie. Often adults go to movies made for children in Richmond, Virginia as soon as the movie comes out.A Richmond grandmother said, "I like taking my three grandchildren ...
  • Wall E
    Euthanized puppy returns to life and now needs a new home (VIDEO)
    An Oklahoma dog that was euthanized last week, sprung back to life, even after he was pronounced dead. The three-month old puppy, named Wall-E after the lonely Pixar character, was one of five dogs euthanized by a Sulphur vet, after the dogs were...
  • Wall-E
    Pixar takes over ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas with ‘Wall-E,’ ‘Toy Stoy 2'
    Disney-Pixar is taking over week three of ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas with premieres of “Wall-E” and “Toy Story 2.”‘Amazing Race’ 17 winners Nat Strand, Kat Chang talk about what it took to win&ldquo...
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