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  • WWE WrestleMania XXX results:  Cena versus Wyatt
    WWE WrestleMania XXX results: Cena versus Wyatt
    The amazing “Legacy” video package aired before the match.Bray and The Family also got an amazing voodoo entrance and “Live in Fear” performed live by a crazy looking band befitting of the voodoo scene and a swamp preacher...
  • Jim Dugan joins Duck Dynasty
    ‘Duck Dynasty’ ends with ‘Hacksaw’? WWE’s Jim Duggan at reunion (photo)
    The “Duck Dynasty” finale for the fans is going to have the fans laughing, crying and even screaming for a good fight when WWE’s Hacksaw (Jim Duggan) arrives. The best part of the night might be who gets in the ring for the...
  • Is the world wide web about to be tolled?
    Is the world wide web about to be tolled?
    Over the past few years patent suits over technologies has become commonplace in our society. The latest one though takes the patent fight to a whole new level. In fact the outcome of this suit could determine the future of the world wide web...
  • Enter The World Wide Web
    The virtual door of opportunity
    Developed over 30 years ago and used as method of communication by the government the Internet has expanded serving the world in ways many still can’t fathom. It continues to grow by leaps and bounds daily. This crazy intangible but very...
  • Wireless Internet Connection Anywhere
    Be a part of the next phase in 4G wireless internet: Sales reps needed
    Clearwire is developing and making it possible to take the wireless internet to a new level of being able to be connected virtually everywhere at all times. A career with Clearwire looks promising. You have the opportunity to write your own pay...
  • resized_internet.jpg
    The Internet and the WWW
    Every day and almost at any given time there is one of us Houstonian's doodling around doing something online. We have fun doing this for so many reasons but next time think of this: the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW) are not the same,...
  • Mobi - Unique benefit number 5
    Mobi - Unique benefit number 5
    St. Louis, did you know that mobile is only media available at the point of creative inspiration? This observation of the fifth benefit comes courtesy of Tony Fish, the famed author of Mobile Web 2.0 etc. The point here is this - that when we have...
  • Mobile - The Only Mass Media With Built-in Payment Mechanism
    Mobile is the only mass media with a built-in payment mechanism
    In the 7th Mass Media channel - this discussion is the fourth in a seven part series outlining unique benefits one at a time from the top seven list of unique capabilities of mobile as a media for our St Louis, and extended audiences. Unique...
  • Mobi is not science fiction
    Mobi What
    Mobi is the world's newest and most versatile media opportunity - that stays with people 24 hours per day! Mobi technology is not a single technology but a complete, end-to-end, broadband, wireless IP solution. Lets first talk numbers in the...
  • Is Email Going Away?
    Is email going away
    Social media is such a growing at such an alarming rate that Facebook now thinks that email is dying. Classic. How many times have we heard this now? Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg gave a recent speech at the Nielsen Consumer 360 conference recently...
  • Why Know Your History?
    Why know your history
    I tell clients in St. Louis and in my travels that 'understanding history always helps us understand the future'. For today's search engines, if you know a little of the history behind them, you can begin to make sense of where things...
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