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  • WWF No Way Out 2000
    WWE reviews: No Way Out 2000
    With WWE offering a free one-month subscription to the WWE Network for the entire month of November due to their disappointing subscriber rate, I decided to give the WWE Network a try, and so far, I'm loving it.The first thing I did, as I'...
  • Saving Russia's Storks
    Russian life in 'The Storks' Nest'
    In 1993, when author and World Wildlife Fund consultant, Laura Lynne Williams, accepted the task of installing a WWF office in Moscow, Russia, little did she know that decades later she would still be calling the former Communist country her home....
  • More than half the world's animal population is gone.
    More than half the world's animal population has been killed off by humans
    Over the last 40 years, the world's animal population has decreased by more than half, thanks to the human race, according to the World Wide Fund as reported by CNN. The World Wide Fund for Nature's Living Planet Index, a report that looks...
  • Global wildlife numbers nosedive by more than half
    Global wildlife numbers nosedive by more than half
    Today, Sept. 30, 2014, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) released 10th edition of “The Living Planet Report,” a science-based assessment of the planet’s health. Fifty-two percent of the world’s populations of mammals, birds,...
  • African elephants
    Survival of African elephants in jeopardy due to ivory trade
    The plight of the African elephant is dismal, with more elephants killed each year by poachers than are born. At the current rate of about a two percent reduction annually, researchers have determined that the elephant will become extinct.This was...
  • The Great Canadian Clean-Up:Ste-Anne-De-Bellevue
    The Great Canadian Clean-up
    The Town of Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue (SABD) was the scene of the Great Canadian clean-up held Saturday July 5th.The goal was to have at least 20 participants, which would start from the edge of John Abbott College and work their way around to Parc...
  • Virunga National Park
    Gorillas in the midst of war and critical losses score a victory
    Today, 6/11/2014, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) announced a victory for one of the last habitats for critically endangered mountain gorillas. The oil exploration company, Soco International PLC, has pledged to stop exploring for oil in Africa...
  • The Ultimate Warrior
    Just days after WWE Hall of Fame induction, Ultimate Warrior dead at 54
    Three days after his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, officials with the company have confirmed that wrestling legend Ultimate Warrior has died at the age of 58, according to a report today from ABC News.The WWE made the announcement in a...
  • Warrior
    Former pro wrestler Warrior a.k.a "The Ultimate Warrior" dead at 54
    Warrior passes away Tuesday at the age of 54. Better known as "The Ultimate Warrior", he was a huge star for a period of time during the late 80's for the WWE (then known as the World Wrestling Federation). Warrior was also a...
  • The Five Best Wrestling Games
    The Five Best Wrestling Games
    Since it was possible, almost every system has had a few pro wrestling games on it. Many were great, and some weren't so great. I count down the five best wrestling games of all time!
  • Cleveland's downtown skyline
    World Wildlife Fund nominates Cleveland in “We Love Cities” campaign
    Cleveland has been chosen as a global finalist in the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) “We Love Cities” campaign.The green city on its blue lake is one of only three US cities ranked among the world’s leaders as an environment where...
  • Mae Young
    Women's pro wrestling legend Mae Young dead at 90
    Mae Young passed away from a lengthy illness Tuesday, she was 90 years old. She was not only a pioneer in pro wrestling for women but she also trained people in the sport as well. During her career which can be broken into two phases, the first...
  • Vince McMahon
    Ten Stars Who Belong In The WWE Hall Of Fame
    There's something about the words "Hall Of Fame" that bring out passionate responses in fans, regardless of the genre. Ask any serious music fan about the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio and chances are you will get a...
  • This Date in History
    November 23rd: Today in Detroit Wrestling History {UPDATED}
    (Credit: MIWC)A new feature I will be adding to show the great wrestling history of the state of Michigan, its time to sit back and hit the way back machine for these classic matches in Michigan history:-1986WWF Joe Louis Arena - November 22,...
  • Maurice Vachon
    Former Olympic and pro wrestler Maurice Vachon dead at 84
    Maurice Vachon passed away Thursday at the age of 84. Best known for being a mainstay in the AWA (American Wrestling Association) and a member of the notorious Vachon Family along with brother Paul (1938- ), sister Vivian (1951-1991) and niece...