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  • Wounds
    Wounds North American tour lands in San Diego
    Last month, Irish band Wounds released their highly anticipated debut album, Die Young, with Razor and Tie (All That Remains, Chidodos). Now, the Dublin rockers are on a whirlwind tour throughout America with Motionless in White and HIM. Made up...
  • Backstage on the Love Metal Archives Tour with Wounds
    Wounds on influence, injuries and keeping it real from Love Metal Archives Tour
    Wounds are a four piece rock group, hailing from Dublin, Ireland, whose sound has been described as intense and emotional as well as fresh and energetic. Their 2010 EP Dead, Dead F****** Dead earned them attention from critics as well as more...
  • Riot Fest & Sideshow Denver day three:  3OH!3 and Wounds
    Riot Fest & Sideshow Denver day three: 3OH!3 and Wounds
    DENVER—3OH!3 was one of the opening acts on the Byers Country Feed Stage and Wounds was the headliner on the REV Stage (presented by Sunset Overdrive on Xbox One) at Riot Fest Denver, on Sept. 21.Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte are the...
  • Honeybees in spring blooms
    Honey & Wound Treatments
    The ancients managed bees and used honey as a salve or poultice on wounds and boils to prevent infection and speed healing. Doctors and healers around the world use honey or even table sugar in open wounds to lower the risks of infection and to...
  • Pressure ulcer wound stages
    Five ways to prevent pressure ulcers
    The skin is an important organ. It protects against external organisms, eliminates wastes, maintains temperature control and synthesizes vitamin D. While everyone is at risk for developing a pressure, people who are immobile or confused are at...
  • Police investigating homicide after body found behind school
    Police investigating homicide after body found behind school
    Jackson police are investigating the homicide of a Mississippi man who had been living in Jackson for about a year, according to a news release from the Jackson Police Department.The release said at 5:55 a.m. Thursday, police were called after a...
  • Man in hood with revolver
    Firearms frequently injuring or killing children
    New study shows ER's in Denver and Aurora finds 129 children suffering gunshot wounds Given recent firearm-related fatalities combined with declining gun research funding, it is important to monitor firearm injuries in youths. Injury death...
  • Kintsugi
    Kintsugi; healing our wounds with gold.
    The Japanese have an amazing ancient practice of mending broken ceramics with gold filled resin. The origins of this practice come from a story of a wealthy man who broke his precious tea cup. He sent it out to be repaired and to his astonishment,...
  • Emptying your mind of wounds from your father and awakening your heart
    Emptying your mind of wounds from your father and awakening your heart
    Wounds from our fathers is reaching an epidemic proportion and they take a huge toll on our intimate relationships. Because to whatever degree your father did not know how torelate to you, you will not know how to relate to others.Fathers can be...
  • bad boys
    Why we fall in love with the wrong people
    If you have a tendency to think of psychology as “junk science” then get ready to have your beliefs confirmed. To understand why so many people get into relationships with people who are “bad” for them will require that you...
  • Hollywood publicist, Ronni Chasen, shot to death
    Hollywood publicist, Ronni Chasen, shot to death
    In this business now-a-days, show biz that is, most actors have agents, managers and publicists. Ronni Chasen was one of those in Hollywood, a publicist.Chasen's life came to an abrupt end, though, on November 16, 2010, in Los Angeles,...
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