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  • Salem
    History of Witches
    This Sunday on WGN at 10/9c return to Salem where Mary and Mercy set out for war on each other, sweeping the little town into their battle But where did the legend of the witch truly start? The history of witches is a long and complicated. No one...
  • The Woods DVD
    Movie Review: ‘The Woods’
    Movie Review: ‘The Woods’Originally released in 2006, The Woods is a solid riff on Suspiria, skirting this film’s illustrious color palette and intense action- and tension-filled sequences for a somber, differently intense sense...
  • Hansel Vs Gretel
    Hansel Vs Gretel Should Be Burned At The Stake
    In the genre of fantasy horror it seems remaking fairy tales into dark twisted tales has become the norm. Various editions of Hansel and Gretel exist, including a 2013 version staring Oscar nominee Jeremey Renner, now more known for his role as...
  • 'Half Wild' by Sally Green: Sequel to 'Half Bad' young adult fantasy
    'Half Wild' by Sally Green: Sequel to 'Half Bad' young adult fantasy
    "Half Wild" is a young adult fantasy by Sally Green about witches, good and evil. It's the sequel to "Half Bad" and written in first person narrative. Nathan, the narrator, is a young witch who was imprisoned by the White...
  • Seventh Son
    It is all in the hands of the Seventh Son
    Seventh Son: Rated “PG-13“ (2 hours)Starring: Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, Ben Barnes, Alicia Vikander, Antje TraueDirected by: Sergey BodrovIt is a time of enchantments, witches, mythical beasts, and knights, a time when legends and...
  • The power of light and darkness in 'Beautiful Creatures'
    The power of light and darkness in 'Beautiful Creatures'
    “Beautiful Creatures” is a movie whose dark and powerful undertone plays out around the uncertain balance of a fragile and dangerous romance between the most unlikely of lovers, and the severe and uncompromising moral code of a town...
  • All Cheerleaders Die
    All Cheerleaders Die
    There are people who love horror films and only horror films. For these people, they can never get enough. They will look at anything and everything. There are the people who like movies about high school and sports. Then there are people who like...
  • Hedgewitch Book of Days
    Mandy Mitchell on 'Hedgewitch Book of Days'
    Hedgewitch Book of Days can be purchased on Amazon.1. What was your prime inspiration and motivation in creating your book, "Hedgewitch Book of Days: Spells, Rituals, and Recipes for the Magical Year"?I think my prime motivation for the...
  • A Christmas present from Pottermore and more Potter
    A Christmas present from Pottermore and more Potter
    Pottermore has declared that the famed author JK Rowling will be delivering new “festive surprises” every day throughout the period, which starts on December 12 and lasts right up to December 23 at 1:00 pm GMT. That is twelve days of...
  • Paraguay
    'Witch' is burned at the stake by indigenous Paraguayan group
    It's very strange and a little morbid to think that people are still burned at the stake for being so called witches. Even America we've seen it happen, the Salem Witch Trials. But the Nov. 13 report from Fox News Latino will show that...
  • Knole house in England
    Witch marks discovered in floorboards of 17th century English house
    A collection of strange looking markings, identified by British Archaeologists as witch marks and demon traps, were found beneath of the floorboards of a massive 17th century English house. Having no Ghostbusters to call, the common people of 17th...
  • Witches are popular Halloween costumes!
    3 things associated with witches
    As Halloween approaches many stores and houses have decorations displayed that feature some of the most iconic spooky imagery. Witches are among the most famous characters associated with Halloween. Often depicted as green-skinned old women who...
  • 'Hocus Pocus' is a flamboyant Halloween classic
    'Hocus Pocus' is a flamboyant Halloween classic
    When three witches are resurrected from the grave after a young teenager named Max (Omri Katz) unwittingly fulfills their dying curse, they proceed to finish what they began 300 years prior by stealing the souls of Salem’s children in order...
  • New 'Bewitched' show to be about Samantha's granddaughter
    New 'Bewitched' show to be about Samantha's granddaughter
    It looks like "Bewitched" is going to be about Samantha's granddaughter that's according to the Oct. 22 reports from both Variety and Entertainment Weekly. Last week the web was abuzz about a possible reboot of the show, now...
  • Witches and Druids on Halloween
    Witches, Druids and Halloween spells
    There are many practicing witches and druids in Irish America and Ireland today, who believe in ancient traditions and folk magic. I've put together a list of charms and spells that are based on mythical Irish magic.
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