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  • Wind turbines
    Hot Air in New Jersey
    In 2010, Chris Christie, the Republican governor of New Jersey, pledged to make his state “a national leader in the wind-power movement” when he signed a bill paving the way for building windmills off coastal waters.Five years later,...
  • Windmill
    The windmills at Kinderdijk, Netherlands
    Windmills, 19 of them, in Kinderdijk, Netherlands, are more than iconic structures along a 15th Century canal. They help keep this part of Holland, which is 7 meters below sea level, dry and habitable. Built in the mid-1700s, this is the largest...
  • De Zvaan lighthouse
    Michigan...a surprising destination
    By Bob & Sandy NesoffMembers: North American Travel Journalists Association American Society of Journalists and AuthorsWhen it comes to vacations people want several things. They want to relax in a stress free environment; they want a change...
  • Savoring windmills in Greece
    Savoring windmills in Greece
    Of all the treasures in the fabled land of Greece, organizations such as UNESCO World Heritage Sites do not raise red flags on the subject of saving utilitarian windmills. Yet the iconic circular stone structures dot the land – both islands...
  • Wind farm
    California-style wind farms for Scotland?
    'Not in my backyard’ was the unsaid message of Donald Trump’s ad campaign against wind farms in Scotland. The ADA (Advertising Standards Authority) in Britain banned the ads on grounds they were misleading.Trump has real estate in...
  •                               10 Easy ways to save energy and money at the same time
    10 Easy ways to save energy and money at the same time
    Global warming, fossil fuels, global dimming, animal extinction, air quality, energy conservation, land, water and air pollution are just some of the many issues the world is facing. According to “abundant and economical...
  • Steven Chu
    Energy Secretary Steven Chu resigns
    Steven Chu resigned as Energy Secretary in a letter to President Obama on Friday, February 1.Obama uttered undue accolades toward Chu as he resigned, indicating his “unique understanding of both the urgent challenge presented by climate...
  • Kinderdijk's Windmills
    Windmills of Kinderdijk
    For centuries the Dutch have battled the water. In fact, the majority of the Netherlands lies below sea level. The Dutch have developed a complex system of reclaiming land from the sea and keeping the water out. Dikes, sluices, canals and...
  • Griffin vulture death at turbine
    New design might bode well for wind energy
    There has been more and more controversy over the recent and growing proliferation of so-called 'wind farms' across the country and across the globe. A radical new design might just change all that.In the quest for viable energy...
    Wind farm tornado risks
    The frontiers of technology are always fraught with risk. Renewable energies are no exception. All of the new green energies carry significant risks in reliability, costs, pollution and natural disasters. Massive new wind turbine farms are being...
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