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  • Rapid-firing Civil War Weaponry
    Rapid-firing Civil War Weaponry
    Most Civil War weapons were loaded by single bullets and fired, and then reloaded and fired again. And whereas a good infantry soldier could load and fire his weapon two or three times in about a minute, inventors were working quickly to try to...
  • Zombie killing
    Five zombie killing tools that every South Dakotan owns
    When face to mangled face with the undead, one is faced with 3 options: Allow oneself to be eaten, flee or kill the attacker. Luckilyenough for most South Dakotans, the necessary tools for self-protection are within reach. But how exactly does one...
  • Venn diagram of aikido
    Starting out in the martial arts, part 2
    I’ve received a number of requests from people in the Detroit and Ann Arbor area not involved in the martial arts to write about how to find a style or art that is right for them. It is no easy answer, and is dependent on many variables....
  • Death Ray
    Teenager builds a steel melting 'death ray' with 5,800 mirrors
    Eric Jacqmain is a nineteen-year-old that decided to attach 5,800 mirror tiles to a satellite dish in an effort to show the power of sunlight. Eric claims that the focus point, measuring just a centimeter across, has "an intensity of 5,000...
  • Bucky Fuller says to focus on what needs to be done & not on earning a living
    Bucky Fuller says to focus on what needs to be done & not on earning a living
    "Since Nature is intent on making humans successful in support of an eternally regenerative Universe, it became clear that if I undertook developing life-supporting-artifacts, Nature would support my efforts. Then, I would not have to pay...
  • President Dwight D. Eisenhower
    Like Eisenhower in 1961, Bucky Fuller said curb the military industrial complex
    Humanity has the option to become successful on our planet if we reorient world production away from weaponry– from killingry to livingry. Can we convince humanity in time? - Buckminster FullerFifty years ago today on January 17, 1961, in...
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