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  • Minimum Wages: Render unto Caesar
    Minimum Wages: Render unto Caesar
    Big rises in minimum wages can be very dangerous to the society. Simply put, such big rises can be a gamble with people’s futures. Will raising the minimum wage stimulate consumer spending? Before pondering that important question, consider...
  • Money pic
    WA State reports over a 4% increase in the average annual wage
    Today, the Employment Security Department announced a positive salary trend for Washington State in that the average wage growth rose to 4.2% in 2014. The increase in the average annual wage to almost $55,000 is the largest increase since 2007...
  • BLS Spotlight on Statistics
    Are Recovery Jobs Good Jobs?
    Where have all the good jobs gone? The Great Recession took 8.7 million jobs. Since that time the jobs have been returning and those who had given up their job search are slowly returning back to the workforce. The US Department of Labor, Bureau...
  • Will Raising the Federal minimum Wage Help Us?
    Will Raising the Federal minimum Wage Help Us?
    During the Great Recession the nation lost 8.7 million jobs between December 2007 to June 2009. Since that time those jobs have come back. It is no strange oddity that if the jobs are back why have the good times not returned? The trouble is that...
  • Wage
    Dispatches from The Fringe - Wage is powerful, political and poignant
    Entering The Cube at the Project Arts Centre, the audience is greeted by two naked women on stage. They dance, grunt and groan, their movements disjointed, their bodies twisting into apparently random shapes and contortions. As Wage commences...
  • Fast-Food Strike
    McTrouble ahead? Fast-food strikes planned for Metro Detroit
    How much money do you need to make to live comfortably? Not paycheck-to-paycheck, but to live a comfortable life with your family. A life where you're able to pay your bills, buy the groceries, fill up your gas tank, and maybe have some left...
  • The 400 richest people in America
    The 400 richest people in America
    In 2007, the 400th richest person in America made $138 million while in 1992, the 400th richest person made $24 million. What do most of these people do? According to the IRS, which released 2009 data from the 400 richest individual income tax...
  • Incomes drop and consumer spending weak for September
    Incomes drop and consumer spending weak for September
    Consumer spending for September came in at a rise of .02%, which was lower than the .05% increase for both July and August. Incomes for workers fell .01% in the same month after an August increase of .04%.This does not bode well for the coming...
  • resized_3277bwc.gif
    The Facts on Unemployment Insurance
    I realize I've been noticeably absent much of these past few months, so I wanted to give my thoughts on a few economic arguments I encountered during these past few months, mostly on TV, by pundits and Congressmembers. The first being...
  • Dr. Rand Paul: big fan of MLK Jr. but not of outlawing private discrimination
    Discrimination Revisited in Light of Rand Paul
    Many are aware of Rand Paul's recent controversy about his position on the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He said he supports much of the Act that ended governmental discrimination, but does not believe in telling private businesses they are not...
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