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  • Emerson: ‘U.S. vulnerable to lone wolf Islamic terrorist attacks’
    Emerson: ‘U.S. vulnerable to lone wolf Islamic terrorist attacks’
    On Tuesday, Steven Emerson, Executive Director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism spoke with the hosts of the Fox and Friends show stating that what happened in Sydney, Australia where an Islamic lone wolf gunman held hostages, could very...
  • Selena Gomez stirs controversy over Cara Delevingne and really short shorts
    Selena Gomez stirs controversy over Cara Delevingne and really short shorts
    Selena Gomez's friends are concerned she's too vulnerable to be spending time with Cara Delevingne reports TV 3 EXPOSE Entertainment on August 3, 2013. Some of her friends feel Delevingne is a bad influence for her and they are concerned...
  • Vulnerability
    Vulnerability: the bridge to building strong relationships
    Of the very many creations that constitute the universe, us humans with all our complexities, intricacies and layers are perhaps the most interesting and fascinating to study. We can probe and scrutinize all our lives and still not scratch the...
  • Vulnerablity
    Is It okay to be vulnerable?
    If I was to ask a group of people a question; is it good to be vulnerable in a relationship? Most everyone in that group would say no. If I was to ask why you should not be vulnerable in a relationship? I guarantee the response would be because...
  • Identity theft
    Personal info of people signing for Obamacare is stolen
    If you build it, they will come — they, in the case of vulnerable websites, being identity thieves. Warnings of’s porousness have been ongoing ever since the Oct. 1 rollout. If there is anything surprising about today...
  • Frailty Disguised as Strength
    Unlock the hidden power of a vulnerable heart
    How often I hear that clients believe vulnerability is something bad; that it’s a weakness. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Vulnerability is actually a gift, something that gives a person the opportunity to grow in strength...
  • Life allows you to be vulnerable this is great strength
    Life allows you to be vulnerable this is great strength
    There is a great sense of powerlessness today. People are seeking more and more ways to get power. The art of life fosters flexibility, suppleness an sensitivity. It allows you to be vulnerable, paradoxically, this is great strength. Real power...
  • Meet the Bridgleys.
    Lord and Lady Bridgley change Twitter accounts like most folks change underwear
    (UPDATE: Almost immediately after this story hit the web, the newest incarnation of the Bradley Foundation Twitter page, @SHSupport2012, was suspended by Twitter.)One of the hallmarks of being a good con artist is to know when it's time to...
  • The Used
    The Used release "Vulnerable"
    On March 25th, 2012, The Used released their fifth studio album "Vulnerable", with the help of Hopeless Records. The band are no strangers to the music industry having been around for more than 10 years. This is the first studio full...
  • vulnerable
    Embrace a bit of vulnerability
    The word vulnerable, as defined by the Encarta dictionary, means without adequate protection. The word and its meaning implies negativity. But this article is written to challenge your thoughts about vulnerability and to motivate you to embrace a...
  • Vulnerability
    Vulnerability. Removing screens and veils, breaking through surfaces, removing masks and ploys, and just being bare.Being you, without reservation, without script or pacified covering. The raw stuff, the real stuff, the hidden things piled with...
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