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  • Hot trend alert: Westward Leaning is launching a unique collection of sunglasses
    Hot trend alert: Westward Leaning is launching a unique collection of sunglasses
    When it comes to finding a pair of sunglasses, impeccable style and design is everything. Westward Leaning, known for designing a universally flattering unisex wayfarer sunglass frame, has just come out with a second frame called the The Voyager,...
  • Jenny Lewis Breaks Out
    Jenny Lewis releases new single 'Voyager'
    Jenny Lewis, best known for her work as lead singer and guitarist for the LA Rock Band Rilo Kiley, just released"Voyager", the first song off her upcoming LP of the same name. You can listen to it here, after which point you’re...
  • Voyager
    Simone Dow interview: The continuing journey of Voyager
    When vocalist Danial Estrin founded progressive metal quintet Voyager in 1999 he had only an inkling of where he wanted his musical journey to go. The band, based in Perth, Australia, debuted its first album a decade ago, and it was clear his...
  • Voyager 1
    New JPL film tells story behind Voyager spacecraft
    On Wednesday night, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena will be screening its newest documentary film, "The Stuff of Dreams," the story of the early days of NASA's Voyager mission. Although the two Voyager spacecraft...
  • Voyager Has Left the Solar System
    Voyager Has Left the Solar System
    Voyager 1, which was one of two twin spacecraft launched in the 1970s to explore the solar system, has officially entered interstellar space. Now 12 billion miles from Earth, the spacecraft, which is still transmitting data to Earth, has...
  • Voyager Disk
    Voyager is about to leave home after 35 years
    Voyager 2 was launched from Kennedy Space Center (as it was called then) aboard a Titan Centaur rocket 20 August 1977, followed by Voyager 1 on 5 September, thirty-five years ago to the day. The two Voyagers are twin spacecraft. Voyager 1 was...
  • Mars
    Spacecraft news: Curiosity nears Mars, SpaceX plans to launch, Pluto's new moon
    This monthly feature will provide updates on what is going on with space missions, both manned and unmanned. For updates about discoveries made by telescopes, Martian rovers and space probes, stay tuned for new monthly features on astrobiology and...
  • The Super Sonic Airplane
    Fly Marines: Exhibit Celebrating the Centennial of Marine Corps Aviation
    Without a doubt, the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Washington, DC is one of the most exciting museums at the Mall. The family made a last minute decision to summer on the East Coast; Washington, DC to be precise. The intrigue was the many...
  • Simone Dow
    Maiden voyager: Simone Dow talks ‘The Meaning of I’, gear and ProgPower USA
    Last week Australia’s prog-metal avantgardists, Voyagerannounced some long-awaited North American tour dates in support of the band’s October 2011 release,The Meaning of I. The band was a smash success at the 2011ProgPower USA...
  • Uranus
    Huge milestones for space exploration this week
    This week marks some very major milestones for NASA when it comes to unmanned spaceflight as Monday marked two major anniversaries. It was 25 years ago that Voyager 2 passed 7th planet from the Sun, Uranus. Also, 18 years later, and 7 years ago on...
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