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  • GOP brand
    Nikki Haley isn't presidential or VP material
    Ordering the removal of the Confederate flag from her capitol building is not a “presidential” act, however courageous it may be in the right-wing backward state of South Carolina. In fact, affinity with South Carolina is drawback even...
  • New pink planet
    Astronomers discover new pink planet at edge of our solar system
    Astronomers have discovered a new pink planet at the far outer edge of our solar system. The small frozen planet is seven and a half billion miles from the sun.The small planet is located in the area of space beyond Pluto that astronomers have...
  • Walter Mondale: Joan Mondale, wife of former VP, dies at 83
    Walter Mondale: Joan Mondale, wife of former VP, dies at 83
    Walter Mondale, former United States Vice President's wife Joan Mondale, died at 83. She entered hospice care in Minneapolis on Friday and died on Monday. According to Reuters on Feb. 4, she died with her family at her side.'We are...
  • Rep. Paul Ryan
    Romney picks VP: Rep. Paul Ryan
    As the Olympic tracks are cooling off in London, the race is just heating up in the United States where Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney announced Saturday his vice presidential pick as Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. Like Olympic...
  • Romney chooses Paul Ryan for VP
    Romney chooses Paul Ryan as running mate
    The veepstakes are over. Paul Ryan, come on down.At his vice president announcement Saturday afternoon in Norfolk, Virginia, presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney introduced his running mate, a young House Representative from Wisconsin.&ldquo...
  • Sideshow: Photos from the Romney/Ryan VP Announcement
    Slideshow: Photos from the Romney/Ryan VP announcement
    On Saturday, August 11, Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney introduced Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate. At an event at the USS Wisconsin docked in Norfolk, Virginia, the seven term U.S. House Representative...
  • Mitt Romney Holds Primary Night Gathering 4/3/2012
    Mitt Romney's VP app signals Paul Ryan is the man
    Technology mingled with politics a long time ago. From volunteers calling constituents over the telephone looking for votes in the 60's to candidates sending e-mails in the early 90's. But it was most evident during the 2008 presidential...
  • The ticket: Romney - Ryan
    Americans must say no to Romney-Ryan
    With his selecting Representative Paul Ryan as his running mate, Mitt Romney has cemented his profile as a candidate.Selecting members of the administration is most important, and Romney’s selecting Ryan provides much insight.First, the...
  • Paul Ryan
    Mitt Romney to announce Paul Ryan as his pick for VP
    Friday night Team Romney made the announcement that Mitt Romney will be selecting his running mate tomorrow at a campaign stop in Norfolk, Va.According to Politico, a source in the Romney campaign says he will choose Wis. Rep. Paul Ryan. When...
  • Rob Portman
    Salivating for a risky pick, Dems may be dampened by Portman
    Rob Portman is sometimes characterized as the “boring” choice. He may have the personality of Gerald Ford, though be is a stealthy Republican, and productive behind the scenes. Can he deliver Ohio?There are enough Republican loyalists...
  • Mitt Romney appearing with Donald Trump
    Is Donald Trump Too Risky for Romney?
    The big question many have been asking is whether the close relationship Romney has been forging with Donald Trump is risky. This depends on how you calculate risk, and what kind of numbers Romney is hoping for to secure the US Presidency. Many...
  • Joe Biden and Obama at the White House
    What is next for Joe Biden?
    As the election results come in this evening, the campaign trail for 2010 will be over for Vice President Joe Biden. VP Biden visited over 140 campaign stops during the 2010 cycle, stumping for a range of Democratic candidates from coast-to-coast...
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