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  • Hot Wheels And Vanguard's Latest Nitro Warriors Film Unleashes Creativity
    Hot Wheels And Vanguard's Latest Nitro Warriors Film Unleashes Creativity
    One look at the stop-motion filmNitro Warriors: Dare To Connectand you’ll forget all about that next cup of Joe!Get ready to journey into the furthest depths of your cerebral cortex as you take a conceptual hiatus from the workday.Today at 9...
  • Vanguard
    Vanguard on the forefront of the GA entertainment industry (Photos)
    Vanguard is truly the first advocacy organization that is and will continue addressing the needs and concerns of Georgia’s entertainment industry. A relatively newcomer, vanguard is not meant to replace the State and Atlanta offices of...
  • Vanguard Jazz Orchestra
    Vanguard Jazz Orchestra honored at All Nite Soul 2012 in October
    On Sunday, October 7, 2012... the 42nd anniversary of All Nite Soul, the Jazz Ministry of Saint Peter’s Church — the Jazz Church — will honor the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra. At 5 PM Jazz Vespers begins with Fabian Almazan, pianist...
  • The Vanguard MMO logo
    Free-to-play Vanguard: Saga of Heroes now available for download
    Although scheduled to make the free-to-play transition on August 14, 2012, Sony Online Entertainment soft-launched Vanguard with a hybrid payment model today. Gamers can now download and play Vanguard: Saga of Heroes for free with some limitations...
  • A Smart, Tax-Free Way To Invest In Real Estate
    A Smart, Tax-Free Way To Invest In Real Estate
    The real estate market is still recovering from the economic collapse of 2008. And while real estate values in Philadelphia weren’t hit as hard as in other major cities, many people are still trepidatious about investing in real estate...
  • Dalmation at children's hospital
    Baptist Health Systems to build new children's hospital and expanded network
    Baptist Health System continues their expansion plans in South Texas with an announcement they intend to build a comprehensive pediatric network anchored by a new stand-alone children’s hospital.This network, based in San Antonio, will...
  • Investing on the Cheap
    How to invest without commissions
    As a retail investor, we can't control much when it comes to our investments. We must always be on the look-out for ways to get an advantage. To that end, one of the ten Principles of Safe Investing is constantly pursuing ways to reduce costs...
  • Vega Toro
    Leading the Vanguard: Lost classic arcade champ returns to gaming action
    High scores were the big thing to have in 1982, as video arcade games took over as the leading use of pocket change across North America and the world.One of those games was a space shooter called Vanguard, which found success for a time in 1981....
  • Dancing DEEP at Vanguard
    Dancing DEEP at Vanguard
    DEEP, LA's premiere home for house and soulful electronic music for over 12 years, presents Dance Ritual Gets DEEP: A Meeting of the Tribes, on Saturday, April 30, 2011 from 9:00pm to 4:00am, at the Vanguard in Hollywood. Dance Ritual Gets...
  • resized_vandy.jpg
    The L.A. Shake Down
    Packed house at Vangaurd's main stage. love invades Hollywood. Nevermind the dress-code, my friend, that shirt will do just fine. Rest assured, when you make this journey – you...
  • Incagnito_at_Vanguard.jpg
    Spring Break at Vanguard w/ Lawnchair Generals
    The always stylish Vanguard nightclub is having its Spring Break edition of the usual Saturday night excursion, Incognito, on April 3rd and it is one for the ages! Headlining is Seattle’s talented Lawn Chair Generals, who have been busy...
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