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  • American Red Cross urges vaccination
    Pointing to millions of lives saved, American Red Cross urges vaccination
    While the safety and effectiveness of common vaccines continues to be debated here in America, the American Red Cross notes that millions of lives have been saved worldwide through measles vaccination.Gail McGovern, president and CEO of the...
  • Risky Kid
    Child Health Day is Monday October 7
    October marks Child Health Month, a month when pediatricians and public health experts and advocates beg parents around the nation to do the right thing and vaccinate their kids against preventable diseases like flu, measles, and whooping cough....
  • Vaccine
    Choosing not to vaccinate could kill
    According to an article on The Stir on Tuesday,Ian and Linda Williams chose not to vaccinate their three children until seven-year oldAlijah got a small cut on his food and a few days later ended up in the hospital in a coma.They thought Alijah&...
  • Flu vaccine no way
    Please read: Flu vaccine, no way
    Please read before you decide.What is influenza? It is a contagious respiratory infection which is caused by a virus. It can cause coughing, sneezing, running nose, headache and muscle pain to name a few.According to Dr. John Leander, the flu may...
  • Adopt dog
    What's in a shelter dog
    Love and gratitude This is Adopt a Dog from a Shelter month. Shelter pets are very special and some of the most loving I have met. Hearing many people say that their ‘shelter pet, seems to know where they came from and that their (I never...
  • Leaf with a bandage
    Immunizations: Fostering awareness for children vaccinations
    It may start with a simple cough or the child may complain of upset stomach. The child may seem tired and lack energy to play or perform the daily tasks. Although some parents may consider these symptoms as a common flu, these can be signs of a...
  • Bracing for a short, sharp jab
    Measles makes a comeback: why you need to get your kids vaccinated
    Got big travel plans this summer? Maybe even leaving the country? Before you grab your passport and take the little ones on a plane, make sure you've taken a few precautionary measures. Specifically? Make sure they have their MMR vaccination...
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