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  • Same sex gay marriage
    Is the opposition of gay marriage the reason why 59 million women are unmarried?
    On Tuesday, the Secretary of State announced that 74 are qualified for the November ballot. The opponents of same- sex marriage easily surpassed the legal requirement of 120,577 valid voters of getting approxiamately 247,331 signatures.Being that...
  • warren
    Blended Labels
    Step-mom. Step-dad. Half-brother. Adopted sister. My sisters grandpa-These are all labels we hear within our little (or large!!) blended family units. Do we need the definition or is it hurting our bond as a family? Remember that 1 out of 3 people...
  • Reese Witherspoon on Hollywood Walk of Fame
    Gaining success as a single mother
    In order to answer the question, “Can a working single mother be successful at both a career and being a good parent?”…it is important to ask and identify the following factors:What is the ultimate goal that an individual must...
  • unmarried
    Looking for Mr./Ms. Right
    It’s been said that for every person there is a mate out there somewhere; that it just takes time to find that perfect soul mate. Despite this long-held belief, there seems to be an awful lot of single people out there (statistics for 2008...
  • The perks of single life
    The perks of single life
    In an episode of Sex and the City, "A Woman's Right to Shoes", Carrie Bradshaw bemoaned the fact that singles do not have opportunities to celebrate their lives as do married people. "If you are single after graduation, there...
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