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  • Car gets abducted, perhaps there is work in this field
    Car gets abducted, perhaps there is work in this field
    As one may know a video going around the web is an apparent UFO abduction. UFO OVNI - Car Gets Abducted In Cavalier, North Dakota.Whether one believes in this or not; it does not matter, but what does matter is that there are so many reports...
  • Unidentified
    There is going to be more than gambling in Vegas in Unidentified
    The found footage genre is clearly not going away, so now it’s just a matter of how clever can a filmmaker get to create something new. The horror genre seems to the one that has really welcomed this style with a new one seeming to get...
  • Watch out. It's waiting.
    A trip to Las Vegas will give your craps. That's how scary Unidentified is
    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.Not really.Four young pals set out to have a great time in Sin City, but soon all bets are off in the one-of-a-kind sci-fi thriller comedy Unidentified. It arrives on Digital Download and DVD from MPI/Dark Sky...
  • Paranormal Activity
    Paranormal Activity
    Atlanta has a number of paranormal investigators that investigate paranormal activity. The occult also has numerous outlets in the area. There are approximately 89 psychic listings located in the metro area. UFO’s have been cited, though...
  • Unidentified Person
    Unidentified Person
    Saturday night, a young man was hit by a car. He remains unidentified. The Police as well as the public are seeking everyone's help in identifying him, please look at the photo. If you recognize him, please call the Prescott Valley Police...
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