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  • Actor Tom Hanks writes a collection of short stories
    Actor Tom Hanks writes a collection of short stories
    “Forrest Gump” actor, Tom Hanks, will be able to add “published author” to his list of credentials according to Huffington Post on November 3, 2014. Back in October, Hanks published his first short story piece, “Alan...
  • Writing Space
    Where Do You Find Your Inspiration?
    Just like any other writer, I've often found myself looking for topics to write about when I hit writer's block or get lucky enough to get fifteen minutes to occupy and no access to my current work in progress. I always thought I had too...
  • Ruby Sparks
    'Ruby Sparks' movie review
    The adage ‘be careful what you wish for’ is apropos for the new indie film, ‘Ruby Sparks.’ On the surface, this is a whimsical romantic comedy. As the story progresses, it explores the complicated dynamics of relationships....
  • Sholes Typewriter
    Milwaukee's role in the history of the typewriter
    What does Pennsylvania, newspapers, inventor, and Wisconsin have in common? Believe it or not, it is the keyboard in front of your computer and the typewriter it stems from. All of that because of the inventions of Christopher Latham Sholes.Sholes...
  • usbtype
    The tech toy of the future, straight from the past
    Modern life is too fast. Modern life is too quiet. Modern life is too... well, modern. Chances are, you're sitting down reading this article in front of the slick low-profile keyboard of your laptop or possibly even the non-profile on-screen...
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