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  • Water trough clean up
    Cool, Clear Water-Important to your horses health
    Providing your horse with a good, clean source of water is vital to their health and well being. Colic and dehydration can kill a horse and both are exacerbated by your horses refusal to drink.There are a variety of reasons a horse will not drink,...
  • Voting
    Election law
    Much has been said and written the past few months about election laws. Much has been focused on restrictive new election laws passed mostly in the New Confederacy…with few Yankee states thrown in for good measure…with the apparent...
  • Martin County voter turnout as of August 23, 2014
    Martin County voter turnout as of August 23, 2014
    In regards to the 2014 Florida Primary Election (according to the Martin County Supervisor of Elections website), Martin County voter turnout participation as of August 23, 2014 is as follows-----Early Voting Totals: 2,431; Vote By Mail as of...
  • Ozark Cowgirl Fever Horse Blanket
    The latest about the Ozark Cowgirl Fever Horse Blankets
    The dominance of Ozark’s remarkable Cowgirl Fever Horse Blanket in the horse clothing market reached its peak at the start of the 2012 winter season and is finally winding down. By all accounts, this one unique horse blanket, manufactured by...
  • Man and boy looking at ocean
    Hurricane Sandy may decide the next president
    Hurricane Sandy, which made landfall Monday evening, has caused millions of dollars in property damage, and will undoubtedly cause billions more. Trumping property loss, over 26 deaths have been attributed to Hurricane Sandy, including at least...
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