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  • The Mistress of King Vittorio Emmanuele II and her Pantheon
    La Bella Rosin, the mistress of King Vittorio Emanuele II of Italy
    She was born Teresa Rosa Maria Luisa Vercellana, the daughter of an Officer in the King’s Guard.In 1848, at 15 years old, she became the mistress of King Vittorio Emmanuel II, the Savoy King of Sardinia and Piedmonte, the future King of...
  • Turin, Italy
    Tours by Locals in Turin, Italy
    With so much to do in Turin, a small provincial town just inside Italy, it's easier to turn to Tours by Locals to guide visitors and out-of-town guests through areas, highlighting interests and special attraction only found in this Italian...
  • Turin, Italy
    Three top things to do in Turin, Italy
    With a short stop in Turin, these three attractions are a must-see for international visitors:1. Santuario Basilica La Consolata: The sanctuary of Mary the Comforter, closely linked to the worship of the Virgin Mary, is traced back to ancient...
  • Piazza Palazzo di Città
    Living better with Italian roasted peppers
    The Mayo Clinic supports the Mediterranean diet for its contribution to a healthy heart. In a recent study 1.5 million people participated in this diet and reduced their risk in heart disease. Be among the numbers and add a healthy meal or two....
  • View from Le Coste
    A grape harvest in Italy – Monforte D’Alba
    Rachel O’Kaine has done what I wished I would have done when I was younger, she moved to Italy to learn about Italian cuisine from the roots up or for today, the vines down. Rachel wanted to participate in a wine harvest and got her wish....
  • resized_Shroud_positive_negative_compare.jpg
    Khalifa of Islam views Turin Shroud
    His Holiness Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad returned to London earlier this week. Today in the Friday sermon he spoke about his recent European tour. He visited France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. His tour proved to be very successful all around....
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