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  • Celebrate Earth Day with cool FUEL lunch containers
    Celebrate Earth Day with cool FUEL lunch containers
    April 22 is Earth Day! and if you are watching your consumption of products, this is your day and these are your products (if you pack lunches that is).Here at Home and Living we pack a lot of lunches. And since we know we are generally going to...
  • Trio of Espresso Products
    Coffee lovers go to the dark side
    Espresso MakerTrudeau is a very cool company. Just recently discovered by Home and Living, we’re glad we did. We tested out their espresso maker. This is a sleek stainless steel body with leather handle and top knob. We thought that may be a...
  • Tips for throwing a wine party
    Wine tasting parties are simply elegant
    Whether celebrating a girls night out or reconnecting with friends before hibernating in winter, a wine tasting at home can be an enjoyable evening. Having a wine themed party isn't just for the sommelier. Everyone can enjoy a variety of wines...
  • Wine enthusiasts crave these products from IHHS 2014
    Wine enthusiasts crave these products from IHHS 2014
    Enjoying a bottle of wine should be simple. A delicious varietal from a perfect year can be a glorious way to relax or pair with a scrumptious meal. Serving that glass of wine at its best is more than just opening and pouring.During IHHS 2014,...
  • Wine gifts that everyone wants
    Holiday gifts for the wine lover
    With all the holiday stress, a bottle of wine can help wash away the chaos. If you have a wine aficionado on your shopping list, here are a few gift suggestions that they will love. Grab a bottle of wine off the rack and raise a glass to celebrate...
  • Beverage related gifts for Father's Day
    Give dad a refreshing beverage for Father's Day
    Father's Day is quickly approaching. It begs the question, what will dad get for his special Father's Day gift. For some gentlemen, a refreshing beverage or beverage accessory might be the perfect gift. Here are some suggestions that might...
  • Alberta
    Politician insults region of Canada, press loses their minds
    Politicians of all stripes have been insulting and denigrating various regions of the country since time immemorial. It's practically a tradition at this point. So, it's somewhat surprising that the news media lost their minds about...
  • Justin Trudeau Facebook Profil Photo
    Editorial: Former PM Mulroney endorses Justin Trudeau?
    This should not be considered an endorsement Justin Trudeau’s candidacy for Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. All candidates will have an opportunity to offer their vision to of Canada to Canadians. I believe the more candidates that...
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