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  • Serayah
    Fashion inspiration from the best dressed at the BET Awards
    The 15th Annual BET Award's red carpet and stage hosted some of fashion's finest as celebrities such as Nicki Minaj and Kelly Rowland arrived dressed to kill. Good news for the viewers who coveted the jaw dropping attire featured at the...
  • Sole selection: A summer guide to slip-ons and lace-ups
    Sole selection: A summer guide to slip-ons and lace-ups
    It’s officially summer and that means now is as good a time as any to rack up on summer essentials. Say hello to your summer starting line-up: We’ve put together a shopping guide for summer sandals guaranteed to suit your summer style...
  • Summer Trends 2015
    Three must-have trends for summer 2015
    The temperatures are skyrocketing, the flowers have bloomed and the barbecues are fired up, which only means one thing—summer is in full swing. Whether you’re going to work or rooftop drinks with the girls, these styles are sure to...
  • How to Style a Romper From Day to Night
    The Romper: How to style the summer trend from day to night
    Summer is right around the corner and that means its time to put your sweaters away and let your skin take in the sunshine. One of the top trends for Summer 2015 is the jumpsuit's shorter hemmed cousin, the romper! It comes in all cuts from...
  • Blue hued brows
    The super trend: pretty pastel tresses
    One of the many thrilling parts about spring and summer is seeing all of the bright hues that have been stowed away in the back of our closets through the dreary months of winter. Aside from the weather and all around temperature jump, seeing...
  • Mom chic wardrobe
    5 Mother's Day stylish must-have gifts
    With Mother's Day just around the corner, every mom deserves to be celebrated. It’s one tough job, so this Mother’s Day, gift mom in style by following this gift guide. She’ll thank you.Espadrilles are effortlessly chic. They...
  • Hipsters and Yuppies
    The hipster versus the yuppie
    As a writer that covers all aspects of the millennial culture, I am greatly intrigued by the American sub-cultures of the Hipster and the Yuppie. Nowadays, everyone is being labeled as either of the two terms.No one is safe from the accusations,...
  • Michael Kors popularity downfall
    Michael Kors’ popularity may be the brand’s downfall
    Unfortunately, (or not, depending on your taste) the Michael Kors brand of “affordable luxury” has lost its place on the list of the must-haves in the fashion industry.According to a recent article published on Business Insider,...
  • The Hipster Paradox: How non-conformists unwittingly conform
    The Hipster Paradox: How non-conformists unwittingly conform
    It’s called the “Hipster Paradox.” In a study titled “The hipster effect: When anticonformists all look the same”, mathematician and professor Jonathan Touboul from the College of France explains why hipsters, who...
  • Rhea advanced technology sandals
    Designer footwear that prevents falls: Rhea advanced technology sandals
    Yes girls and some men buy our shoes for looks and not for comfort or safety. So yes most of us have had an unfortunate slip or fall due to a slippery surface. Rhea Footwear is working with technology to craft a sandal that is not only fashion...
  • How To transition your closet from Winter to Spring
    How To transition your closet from Winter to Spring
    If you're like anyone in the City of New York a lot of the time you'll head out in head to toe dark colors whether it be black, brown, or navy. Usually this increases in the winter months. New York has finally come out of one of the most...
  • White dresses
    10 Trends that will stand out this summer
    These Ten trends will get your summer in the city off to a great and stylish start.
  • 5 Sunglass trends to try
    5 Sunglass trends to try
    Sunglasses are a New York staple. Think of some of the famous fashionista's that live in New York those women can wear all styles of sunglasses regardless of the season. Here are some trendy styles that are very popular in the city along with...
  • How to shop plus sizes in the city
    How to shop plus sizes in the city
    New York City is best known as the shopping mecca of the East coast (the world is debatable). What it's not known for is it's plus sized fashions. Let's face it although the majority of America is heading toward the double digit waist...
  • Eva Mendes Spring 2015 Collection is 'All About the Glamour'
    Eva Mendes Spring 2015 Collection is 'All About the Glamour'
    Eva Mendes Spring 2015 collection is “all about the glamour.” The designer’s second Spring collection for retailer combines the energy of modern New York with the allure of old New York. Eva designs for the everyday women to...
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