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  • Knitted Potholder
    Share your passion for knitting
    My mom who is a master knitter taught me how to knit as a little girl and I am still knitting today. It has been a tradition in my family and I feel that this tradition is important enough to to write about to get the word out, not only about...
  • Hot dogs
    Hot Dog Diggity on the 4th of July
    "Hot diggity, Dog diggity, boom what you do to me...", words from a well known hot dog song and on many minds during this upcoming holiday weekend of July 4th. According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (
  • Muslims and Jews in conversation
    Phenomenology and interreligious encounter
    The encounter between religions is not quite the same as a meeting between two people. Although we talk about religious traditions as if they were distinct individuals, the reality is far more conplex. We find ourselves saying "Christianity...
  • Christmas tree lights - symbolize Christ as 'Light of the World'
    The Christian tradition of celebrating Christmas remains intense in the U.S.
    The United States, traditionally known as a Christian nation, continues its passionate celebration of Christmas. Christmas has long been a combined celebration of the birth of Christ, winter festivities and commercial interests; still, most...
  • Mistletoe Kiss
    Kiss me! The Magic of Mistletoe
    Kissing under the mistletoe is as much a part of Christmas as Santa’s appearance from a chimney. The meaning and magic of mistletoe is both universally accepted and customarily practiced. But how did this holiday smooch-fest start...
  • Dia de Muertos MM
    Gifts for the Dead
    One of the oddest yet common American traditions, is to deposit coins atop grave markers. The general practice of leaving behind items at grave sites is a long standing tradition for many cemetery visitors. Whether, an American flag at the grave...
  • 'My Grandfather's Coat'  by Jim Aylesworth & illustrated by Barbara McClintock
    'My Grandfather's Coat' by Jim Aylesworth & illustrated by Barbara McClintock
    "My Grandfather's Coat" is a wonderful retelling of the story about immigrants who came to America and used their skill and knowledge to be thrifty and wise. Aylesworth's simple retelling is perfectly complemented by McClintock&...
  • Outer Hebrides
    Outer Hebrides, one of Scotland’s many wonders
    Scotland has its many wonders, but one of the most fascinating areas is the Outer Hebrides, an island chain located 30 miles off the mainland. There are an incredible 200 inter-linked islands with a population of only 26,000. These proud folks...
  • United States of PAMM: an Independence Day celebration in retrospect
    United States of PAMM: an Independence Day celebration in retrospect
    In Miami, the fourth of July holiday is typically spent soaking in as much UVA and UVB rays as humanly possible, be it on a boat or on the sand of South Beach. This past Friday, the Perez Art Museum of Miami (PAMM), rallied their members to RSVP...
  • Dragon Boat Festival: A 2000-year-Old Tradition
    Paddling the Manatee River in traditional Chinese dragon boats
    The Manatee River is located in Manatee County, Florida. Bradenton is the largest city in the County. On Saturday, June 14, 2014, a group of paddlers participated in a dragon boat along the 36-mile stretch of the Manatee River.This is the way...
  • Easter eggs can be decorated in a variety of ways.
    5 reasons why coloring eggs is important
    Coloring Easter eggs is a time honored event come April (sometimes March). It is a tradition that most children remember very fondly for the rest of their lives. Coloring eggs is a staple of the Easter holiday and alongside receiving Easter...
  • Pastel green is a somewhat rare color to see.
    Colors associated with Easter
    Easter is a time of rebirth and new life. The coming of spring brings to mind warm weather and the births of baby animals like chicks and lambs. Easter is also the time of the Ester Bunny, egg coloring and family dinners. Of all the holidays it is...
  • Ninety Years of Dressing Men
    Ninety Years of Dressing Men
    The name Rubenstein's is synonymous with many long recognized New Orleans brands and traditions such as Sazerac, Barq's Root Beer, and Mardi Gras. A familiar Canal Street landmark, Rubenstein's occupies six historical properties on...
  • Ama diving - past to present
    Ama diving - past to present
    Far across the oceans, there is a group of women who take the sport of diving to heart. It is their very purpose of existence and has been a Japanese tradition for over 2,000 years. Because women's bodies are thought to be much better...
  • Year of the Horse 2014
    Kung Hee Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Horse 2014
    Aloha all you environmental readers anda Happy New Year too!Here's a special Kung Hee Fat Choy (Chinese New Year) celebrationthat happens every year at various dates. This year it is in the month of January 31st.If you know about the Western...
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