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  • Tough cutaway
    Fugoo Tough: Possibly the best Bluetooth speaker out there
    If you are at all familiar with this column, you know that I have reviewed numerous Bluetooth speakers. Some of these were pricey and big like the $329 Get Up Stand Up home audio system from House of Marley, but most were small and inexpensive...
  • Need to know: Fugoo Tough
    Need to know: Fugoo Tough
    As you may know, some Dads like a little adventure in their lives. The great outdoors is their playground and they are not afraid of getting dirty, wet, or both at the same time. All this adventure time needs a soundtrack, and one way to bring...
  • Capt. Montalván, and his service dog, Tuesday
    PTSD redefines tough
    Post-traumatic stress disorder causes and symptoms have been around since the beginning of time, but it was not formally recognized by the American Psychiatric Association until 1980. According to estimates, several hundred thousand Iraq and...
  • Be tough suffer well
    Be tough suffer well
    “To achieve the greatest psychological health, some kind of suffering in necessary.”You can’t give up, you can’t give in. Real peace lies in your ability to adapt to change. Conditions are always changing.The most important...
  • 90210
    Can American Idol's Kellie Pickler act (casting update)
    Interesting question indeed. One we will have an answer to very quickly. Unfortunately there are a number of people who believe she did an amazing job of acting on American Idol. According to a new report, Kelly Pickler is trading in her 'Red...
  • Tough Times
    Are you tough enough to last through the tough times?
    You'd think that working in a bar in the suburbs of Chicago, dealing with the drunkest of the drunk, I'd clock out and forget all about the hot messes I served all night, leaving their sob stories on the bar floor along with their spilled...
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