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  • Cops in low speed chase with tortoise
    Cops in low speed chase with tortoise: Cops nab dawdling turtle in 1 mph chase
    Cops in California ended a tense, low speed chase with a tortoise after the promenading reptile, named “Clark,” was nabbed making a run for it, though it was certainly more of a meander. The 150-pound tortoise was picked up –...
  • Bundy ranch
    Report: BLM destroyed tortoise den, shot prize bulls, destroyed water tanks
    When the Bureau of Land Management withdrew from the Bundy ranch Saturday, they left a trail of destruction that would cause anyone to question their stewardship of anything. On Wednesday, Fox News reported the agency destroyed water tanks and...
  • Some tortoises, like Franky, can get very big.
    Franky the tortoise webcam
    Technology is everywhere. Cameras are now ingrained in almost every facet of our lives and our images can appear in the forefront of security systems in stores or end up in the background of a self-taken cell phone photo by someone standing near...
  • Turtle
    Trapped turtle found alive after 30 years in closed storeroom (Photos)
    For the past 30 years, Manuela, the red-footed tortoise from Rio, probably survived by eating termites in the storeroom she was trapped in after the house she lived in underwent renovation.This tough little tortoise demonstrates the longevity that...
  • Turtle
    Adopt a non-allergenic pet from GCTTS
    Your child wants a pet but your have allergies in the family. A fish will not be enough since she wants an animal with which she can interact and grow up. So, you think maybe a pet turtle? Do not go to the local pet store. Instead look to the Gulf...
  • Celebrate World Turtle Day on May 23
    World Turtle Day: The sad plight of the turtle and tortoise
    So far this month, we’ve celebrated cats,chickens,leprechauns and frogs. But this holiday is all about one of the oldest creatures in town. May 23 is World Turtle Day, an annual event observed about the globe in honor of one of the world...
  • Brown-nosing
    Come out of your shell with tortoise-colored sunglasses
    Sunglasses are a tricky business. While finding the perfect pair all depends upon the shape of the sunglasses framing the shape of your face, there is one thing that does work on everyone-- color.With each season comes a new color palette, which...
  • Tortoise learns to walk again after flipper replaced with wheel
    Tortoise learns to walk again after flipper replaced with wheel
    A 12-year-old African spur-thighedtortoise is on a roll thanks to the addition of a swiveled wheel attached to his shell.The owner relinquished the tortoise after it sustained thermal damage to its front flipper, forcing doctors to amputate. The...
  • African Oasis
    Explore African wildlife's less carnivorous side
    In Naples, Florida, their zoo offers an African Oasis. At Naples Zoo one is able to get close to Africa's top predators that include lions, tigers, laughing hyenas and more. At the Oasis, however, one can also appreciate wildlife, but rather...
  • The Last Tortoise: A Tale of Extinction in Our Lifetime
    the effect of the pet trade on the world's tortoise population
    On January 10th two Japanese men were arrested for trying to smuggle in 55 endangered turtles and tortoises into the United States, neatly stacked in snack boxes. That is only the most recent incident. In December of 2009 a man, known as the...
  • Gentle Giant of Galapagos
    Gentle Giants of Galápagos
    The giant tortoise, nibbling slowly on neon blades of grass in front of me,is hardly disrupted by my presence or the constant snap of my camera for that matter.Seems this 800-pound guy is used to being the star of the show. I mean who doesn&rsquo...
  • Moving large sofas with a single push.
    Life in the slow lane
    This article is about the amazing, seldom stationary Sulcata Tortoise, who currently weighs in at resounding 50 pounds and is still growing. Sulcata tortoises, also known as African Spurred tortoises, are the third largest land tortoises on the...
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