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  • Wyoming Valley Massacre Monument
    Massacre in the Wyoming Valley
    Located in north-central Pennsylvania, the beautiful Wyoming Valley is nestled between two mountain ranges, giving the appearance of nature choosing to guard the lovely spot from the outer world. Watered by the sparkling Susquehanna, a river...
  • Patrick Henry
    PH factor of the American Revolution
    During 1775, the Virginia Provincial convention gathered in the House of Burgesses. On March 23rd, a young firebrand patriot rose to express his opinion of the country’s current political state of affairs and how he felt it should be handled...
  • George Clinton, NY
    George Clinton is known as the founding father of New York State
    Considered to be one of America’s Founding Fathers, George Clinton was born on July 15, 1739 in Little Britain, Ulster County, New York. His parents were Charles Clinton and Elizabeth Denniston, both Presbyterian-Irish immigrants who moved...
  • rifle
    Tories shelve firearm serial number marking rules
    The Tories have silently placed the firearms serial number marking rule on the shelves.The rule, which was developed to help Canada combat international arms smuggling, was put away by an order-in-council. The news was not formally announced by...
  • Nancy Hart
    Nancy Hart was a fiesty Revolutionary War spitfire
    Born in Orange County, North Carolina during 1735, Nancy Morgan grew into a tall red-headed spitfire who had a muscular build, a face scarred by smallpox and a fearless nature. Fiesty and quick tempered, the Cherokees who lived nearby gave Nancy...
  • Report: A quarter of defeated Conservatives landed public sector jobs
    Report: A quarter of defeated Conservatives landed public sector jobs
    Ottawa -As the Conservative Party of Canada rails against the size and scope of the federal government, many of the defeated Tories in the 2011 federal election received taxpayer-funded public sector jobs since then.According to analysis...
  • Ed Balls
    UK shadow chancellor calls for VAT cut
    The shadow Chancellor Ed Balls has called for a cut in VAT instead of slashing the top rate for the rich which is favoured by the Tories. The cut in VAT will immediately put cash into hands of consumers he argued. VAT was increased in January to...
  • Rocco Rossi
    Former Toronto mayor hopeful Rocco Rossi to run in provincial election
    Toronto- Former Toronto mayoral candidate Rocco Rossi announced in front of the Queen's Park Ontario Legislature Tuesday morning that he will run for the Conservatives in October's provincial election.The last time the city of...
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