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  • SFO Chair
    A Tale of two JEFF's in the City
    Each Friday, a local Bay area business is featured with the intention to connect communities. These businesses are innovative, progressive and operate with their community in mind. Small business is the heartbeat of the economy, yet sometimes it...
  • Woven Textile Design
    Woven textile design
    Jan Shenton is a weaver who is also an international textile designer. She has worked with fashion designers Ralph Lauren, Diane von Furstenberg, Polo, Louis Vuitton... Her book, "Woven Textile Design" is a chance to learn about...
  • Pjoning Hook
    Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles
    Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles is a gem. Truly, the whole world is jealous of Berkeley because we have this amazing resource right here. Every esoteric textile-related class that you can imagine can be found at Lacis Museum of Lace and Texiles....
  • Mass Faintings
    Mass faintings: Mass workers, making sneakers, faint under deplorable conditions
    Mass faintings this week by factory workers in Cambodian sneaker factories are highlighting deplorable and oftentimes unregulated conditions found in overseas plants producing goods to export to the U.S. and other countries.According to a Reuters...
  • Malaysian Ruzz Gahara Brings Exotic 2014 Cruise Line Collection to New York
    Malaysian Ruzz Gahara Brings Exotic 2014 Cruise Line Collection to New York
    It began in Miami, Florida where designer Nik Faiz was in town forArts Kuala Lumpur, an event that coincides with Art Basel and showcases some of the best emerging, mid-career and established Malaysian artists through multiple creative disciplines...
  • The bread box studio
    Visit bread box studio through christmas
    Looking for a local studio to visit before Christmas? Visit The Bread Box Studio Artists this Christmas.The Bread Box Studio Artists is a group of creative artists and professionals working in a communal arts space located within The Bread Box, a...
  • Finished Ottoman
    Designing at the State Fair
    It is State Fair time in Indianapolis and Wednesday was a perfect day to get out in the heat and enjoy the festivities. Any design enthusiast knows that one stop that has to be made at the fair is the Home and Arts building. On this particular day...
  • Little 'umpa
    Little 'umpa grows big style
    Literally, 'umpa means 'acorn' in the Miwok language. In design terms, however, this little acorn shows all the signs of growing into a very big deal.Textile designer Victoria Chaban is the woman behind the brand. Victoria has an...
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