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  • Estonia
    Boycotting Russia? Try Estonia instead!
    The current political regime in Russia has made it unconscionable for most Americans to even consider supporting the government through handing over U.S. dollars as tourists. President Vladimir Putin appears to be on a disturbing mission to drive...
  • Russalka
    Explore a unique destination - Tallinn, Estonia
    Tallinn, Estonia is brimming with tradition, art and history. This world of intrigue for all travelers emerged as a trading post along Tallinn Bay in ca 950. A citadel was built on Toompea Hill. Today, Toompea Hill continues to house the Estonian...
  • The Best of Tallinn, Estonia in 3 Days
    The Best of Tallinn, Estonia in 3 Days
    Tallinn, Estonia is a quick, easy and inexpensive weekend addition to a tour of Scandinavia. With its charming old town, ringed with stone walls and fairytale turrets, it’s the perfect place to experience pure Baltic flavor. Be sure to get...
  • Old Town in Tallinn, Estonia
    Take a walk through time in Tallinn, Estonia
    Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, one of the Baltic States, is an enchanting mix of fairytale charm and cutting-edge culture. But Estonia has had a tumultuous history.During the last 800 years, the country has been conquered by the Teutonic Knights...
  • Paks Margareeta Tower and Coastal Gateway
    Climb into the medieval towers of Tallinn, Estonia
    As the Arizona Renaissance Festival winds to a close on April 1, 2012, consider taking a medieval journey of epic proportion. Tucked into the folds of Western Europe, across the Baltic Sea, travelers explore Estonia. In Old Town Tallinnyou can...
  • Tallinn, Estonia
    Tallinn, Estonia: Europe's 2011 Capital of Culture
    Estonians had something else to celebrate besides the beginning of a new year this past January 1. On the first day of the year, Estonia officially replaced the Kroon with the Euro as its currency. While the Euro is currently facing market...