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  • Malala Yousafzai
    'I Am Malala' author worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize
    Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King were all iconic individuals who spent their lives working for peace and prosperity. Legendary and worthy of their status, these people put the good of society before their own self-importance,...
  • Gitmo detainees on hunger strike for 7 years, alive and well
    Gitmo detainees on hunger strike for 7 years, alive and well
    It’s Thursday morning in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and the six Taliban detainees who have been on a hunger strike since 2007 are reportedly alive and well. They also have comfortable new chairs for their forced-feedings and new TVs. Apparently...
  • Taliban in Pakistan
    Taliban and ISIS bonding in allegiance: One big target
    One question could drive a wedge in the Taliban-ISIS alliance and that is “Who’s in charge here?” There has been an apparent tacit alliance between like-kind terrorists, the Taliban and ISIS which has been formalized by a...
  • Campaign poster of former Afghanistan finance minister and presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai.
    Afghanistan agrees to keep American troops (and money) for 10 more years
    The "good" news continues to pile on for war weary Americans. After a highly contentious election to succeed ultra corrupt Afghan President Hamid Karzi, the new power sharing leaders, President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and Chief Executive...
  • 'Why can't we just ignore Afghanistan?'
    'Why can't we just ignore Afghanistan?'
    That questions is raised many times. The short answer is that we tried ignoring them and they became home to the Taliban and al Qaeda with reach all the way to New York City and 9/11.A new president and government is being installed in Afghanistan...
  • Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn
    Navy SEAL casualty's parents accuse Obama of 'cowardly' leadership
    On Monday, in a letter to President Barack Obama, Billy and Karen Vaughn. wholost their only child, the lateAaron Carson Vaughn, a member of U.S. Navy SEAL Team Sixin 2011, blasted Obama for his allegedlackluster response to the killing of an...
  • Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
    Sanctions combat the sources of Taliban terrorist funding
    Hawala is “a system or agency for transferring money traditionally used in the Muslim world, whereby the money is paid to an agent who then instructs a remote associate to pay the final recipient,” according to
  • Fox
    Publisher passes on Bergdahl book, may be used 'against Obama'
    Despite many conservatives often complaining of media left-leaning bias, and many liberals equally vociferous in denying the charge, one of the honchos in the world of publishing isn't exactly shy in making her political loyalties known...
  • We're training the Taliban
    Whose side is Obama really on in Afghanistan?
    Today it was confirmed that up to 87,000 Taliban are being trained in Afghanistan. We are seeing the mess the situation in Iraq has become because Obama withdrew troops prematurely. Contrary to what we were told, the Iraqi army was no where...
  • Taliban
    Afghanistan: Scope and scale
    Break it up. Today’s news from Foreign Policy is that the Taliban is filling the vacuum created by Americans having left Afghanistan. The void wasn’t just created by American’s leaving, it was created by Afghanistan people and...
  • Taliban strike fuel oil depot
    Taliban insurgents set NATO oil trucks afire in Afghanistan
    Taliban insurgents are claiming responsibility for setting ablaze more than 400 NATO oil tanker trucks on a road west of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan on Saturday, according to Reuters.Television and video footage showed hundreds of oil and...
  • Obama anouces the trade for Bergdahl
    Bergdahl Vs Benghazi, leaving some behind to die OK!
    Secretary of State John Kerry told CNN’s State of the Union, suggestions that US Troops in Afghanistan would be more at risk was “baloney” because the five high ranking Taliban commanders have been released. His reasoning was the...
  • Violence along the Af-Pak border increases
    Violence along the Af-Pak border increases
    Information received today from Marines on the ground along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border indicates things are “touch-and-go” in their area of operation. Always a high-tension region, things have gotten worse since the weekend as...
  • Thousands flee Iraq as al Qaida overruns cities
    Democrats' 15 worst foreign policy disasters
    As difficult as it is to narrow down and rank the 15 most devastating liberal policy failures over so many decades of relentless Democrat incompetence and treason, here are the most costly and destructive examples:15) Outraging and alienating our...
  • Sgt. Bowe Berdahl
    Gitmo Prisoner Exchange Throws a Shoe at Karzai
    While many in the media take aim at Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s circumstances that lead to his capture by the Taliban, a broader picture is emerging about America’s commitment to ending the U.S.’s longest war.Watch Kimberly’s...