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  • Infection control measures necessary to prevent spread of Ebola
    Lessons learned from 1976 Ebola outbreak: Change practices
    Ebola outbreaks can be reduced by taking measures to lower community transmission and changing behavior in people living in affected areas, according to a group of researchers who dealt with the first known outbreak of Ebola in 1976.A recently...
  • Dodge Viper GTS
    Talking Transmissions Part Two
    Talking Transmissions Part Two covers the Continuously Variable and Manual Transmissions, one increasing in popularity, the other sadly disappearing.ManualThe “stick shift” is the traditional purists transmission that every driver...
  • The new Lamborghini Huracan
    Talking Transmissions Part One
    There are now essentially four different types of transmissions available in various cars and SUVs and the media isn’t helping with the mixing of terms. This is a summary of their method of transmitting power and the advantages and...
  • A peek inside a serious collector's garage
    A peek inside a serious collector's garage
    Meet Ray Therrien – car collector. Ray is a more discerning collector than the everyday procurer of classic autos and the vehicles that find their way to his collection have the tendency of being top shelf. Glancing at the current fleet in...
  • Richard Spikes
    Daily thought: BHM-Black man who modernized transmission w/several inventions
    Richard Spikes is the Black man who invented several components that improved, modernized and re-invented the transmission.Research supports that Spikes also improved and/or created several other technical devices where such credit is attributed...
  • West Nile
    Prevent West Nile Virus from reaching you and your Birds
    In the summer there will be water. Where there is water, you will find mosquitoes. Where these tiny buzzing pests are found, you will likely find a danger to your birds’ health as well as your own. Mosquitoes are known well to carry the West...