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  • VerbalizeIt the new tech tool for travelers
    Tired of translator apps? VerbalizeIt brings the human back into translation
    There are a plethora of translator apps available for smart devices. However, with computer error apparent on most, often users find incorrectly translated words confusing and infuriating on both ends of the conversation. VerbalizeIt brings a...
  • Healthcare Interpreting Graduating Class
    Workshop Leads to Certification As A Medical Interpreter
    LiNKS Sign Language & Interpreting Services celebrated its first graduating class in HealthCare Interpreting training, with 14 participants attending a 40-hour healthcare workshop hosted by LiNKS and REACH-reaching diversity to become...
  • WBHY-AM logo and WHEP-AM logo
    FM translators in local radio broadcasting
    FM translators are radio stations used by broadcasters to supplement their primary radio stations. The main purpose for each of them is to relay programming from the primary station to parts of the broadcast area of the primary station where...
  • Fired
    Don't ask don't tell about civil liberties
    The American military has been under constant criticism recently for its "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT) policy involving homosexuals serving. Under this policy, gays can serve, but they cannot do so if they are openly gay. In...
  • Interpreters wanted
    If translators are needed, enlist parents
    Dear LA Teacher,I teach fourth grade at Lanai Road Elementary School in Encino. I have 32 students, five of whom are ESL students. Their parents speak Spanish, Chinese, and Armenian. One of my kid’s parents is deaf. Parent conferences will...