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  • The Collection Wall and the Cleveland Museum of Art
    Largest touch screen in the United States
    I call it the “Field of Screens.” The Collection Wall at the Cleveland Museum of Art is the largest multi-touch screen in the United States. It stands five feet by 40 feet and is composed of 150 Christie Micro Tiles with 23 million...
  • Windows 8 touch screen all-in-one PC
    Does Windows 8 get the final say?
    Windows 8 is out. After a long wait, and for some a long time using the beta version of Microsoft's new operating system, it's finally available. But does it live up to the hype and does it have the final say on the future of tablets and...
  • It's not the new iPhone
    No touch screen needed for Windows 8?
    I normally write about things that are cellphone related. I recently had a friend express excitement about Windows 8 and their desire to get it as soon as possible. They even said they would purchase multiple monitors with touch to get the full...
  • Retirement living: Seniors opt for touch screen computer
    Retirement living: Seniors opt for touch screen computer
    If you consider yourself a Baby Boomer or a member of the Quiet Generation, this computer is, very possibly, the electronic gizmo you need. Many retired folks expect to use a computer every day. However, those who have arthritis, carpal tunnel...
  • Hello Kitty Cellphone
    Review on the cutest hello kitty cellphone!
    This is by far the cutest cellphone I've ever seen. It's in white, pink, blue, green, black and it comes with a stylus. It's a touch screen phone though it has buttons for calling, shortcut for mp3, navigation up/down. It's a...
  • Touch screen gloves
    Touch screen friendly gloves
    We’ve reached the point where many of us cannot leave our smart phone in the car when skiing or snow boarding. Gotta text, Gotta text. GOTTA TEXT.What else to do on the lift? It’s a pain to take heavy gloves off and on to the use the...
  • New Kindle
    Amazon unveils new Kindle family
    If you thought a quality e-reader was out of your price range, you may want to think again. With its new line of Kindles that you can buy now, a touch-screen Kindle that ships in November, and a brand new tablet called the Kindle Fire (also ships...
  • Touch Monitor
    AOC launches the Touch Monitor for PCs and laptops
    LCD/LED monitor manufacturer AOC has today launched its 22" Touch Monitor; a full HD LED monitor that features multi-touch functionality.The 16:9 monitor has a 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ration with a 5ms response time and can display...
  • New Wii U
    Wii U what it means
    Carolina gamers rejoice, Nintendo has just announced their well kept secret, code named Project Cafe. It is called the Wii U and brings a new level of strategy and game play to every genre imaginable.It is better to not go into a great deal of...
  • resized_newgateway.JPG
    Gateway updates its already award winning touch screen pc's
    Gateway has upgraded their already award winning line of all in onesGateway.comRelated articlesThe Gateway ZX4800 all in one PC; In a word, WOW ! The Gateway EC1430u notebook; ultimate power combined with ultimate portability Gateway releasing 3...
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