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  • Its not a frog! Its a Common Toad.
    Its not a frog! Its a Common Toad.
    The Common toad is an amphibian creature capable of living on land as well as in water but they prefer land. The common toad is also known as theEuropean toad because it lives in Europe.Common Toads eat insects, larvae, spiders, slugs and worms,...
  • Author with Couch's spadefoot toad.
    On keeping frogs
    My name is Clifford Blizard, and I keep frogs. There. I’ve said it. I have terrariums set up all around my home office, full of different species of frogs. A new, large terrarium awaits setup in the living room; once it is ready to house its...
  • trre frog
    How to help save frogs and toads
    It used to be common to find toads wandering around the yard, even in cities. On a spring night in the country the noise of frogs singing could be deafening. After a rain the wet pavement would attract hundreds of frogs and toads, often to their...
  • Toad's Guide Shop turning headson the water around Montrose
    Toad's Guide Shop turning heads around Montrose, CO
    When most people in Colorado think of fly fishing destination towns they think of areas like Aspen, Glenwood, Gunnison, Fort Collins, Eagle or Durango. Well, that’s a good thing because if you are looking for uncrowded water, maybe you...
  • East Portal of the Gunnison
    Gunnison's East Portal worth the trip to Colorado
    Thinking of a new destination to fish this season? Well, a less-fished spot that's worth the 5-hour drive west from Denver alone is the East Portal on the Gunnison. Located in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, you'll feel...
  • Cleveland Metroparks "TOAD-ALLY" Awesome Amphibians Event is "Ribbiting!"
    Cleveland Metroparks "TOAD-ALLY" Awesome Amphibians Event is "Ribbiting!"
    Toad-ally Awesome AmphibiansSaturday, March 312:00 to 9:00 p.m.North Chagrin Nature CenterHop, crawl or slither over to Cleveland Metroparks free event, "Toad-ally Awesome Amphibians” on Saturday, March 31 from 2:00 to 9:00 p.m. at...
  • Garden Pest
    Garden Good Guys
    Gardens have good critters and bad critters that help it make or break your crops.Some of these critters are bats, birds, and insects to name a few. Here is a list of garden good guys that help the garden grow:1. Batsare creatures most people are...
  • The nefarious "Mr Burns" toad
    The nefarious Mr Burns toad
    It’s enough to make Homer Simpson yell “doh.” Scientists searching for “lost” amphibians in western Columbia report having reported finding a 0.7 inch-long toad whose “long, pointy, snoutlike nose reminds me of...
  • Wanted Alive: worldwide hunt for frogs and other amphibians
    Wanted Alive: worldwide hunt for frogs and other amphibians
    Conservation International and the IUCI Amphibian Specialist Group have put out an “all points bulletin” for dozens of (possibly) extinct toads, frogs and salamanders. The list, includes the Costan Rican golden toad (pictured here),...
  • Toad on the Missouri River, North Dakota
    Toadwatch protects toads from premature flattening
    Earlier this week my daughter and I discovered a maggot-filled, leathery pouch of a dead toad in our driveway. This article struck home..... A similar endeavor takes place annually to help small mouth salamanders near the Wakarusa Wetlands,...
  • resized_toads.jpg
    Philadelphia toads need help crossing the road
    A male toad hitches a ride from a female on route to the Roxborough Reservoir. All photos courtesy of Janet Lippincott Toads won’t keep you warm at night like a dog or a cat but they are living creatures that need help right now, from the...
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