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  • June 15 Jawnstock
    June 15: Prepare for Jawnstock at Church Rock
    On June 15, Underworld Productions and Golden Sands Café present Jawnstock VII, hosted by Rotten Property. This is a free event from noon to 11 p.m. Check out this supreme lineup: Ethnic De Generation, The Creeping Puppets, Testify, A Malicious...
  • Hillary Clinton
    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is recovering from a concussion
    Twitter began rumbling this morning that Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is recovering at home today after a concussion resulting from a fainting spell due to dehydration from a stomach virus. Clinton, the most traveled Secretary of State in U...
  • Reservation Slaughter Tour 2012
    Get ready for the ‘Reservation Slaughter Tour 2012’ starting September 21
    Metal taints much of the Navajo and Zuni nations starting on September 21. Bands in charge of spreading the metal sound are The Creeping Puppets, Ruction, Testify, and War Motor. Breakdown of this killer tour is as follows:Friday, September 21, at...
  • July 27 Crownpoint Elementary School
    July 27: It’s time for the ‘Crownpoint Metal Festival’
    On July 27 and 28, get ready for the “Crownpoint Metal Festival,” which will take place at Crownpoint Elementary School in Crownpoint, New Mexico. Check out this killer roster, with more bands to be announced soon: Ethnic de Generation...
  • Casey (right) and Cindy Anthony (left)
    Casey Anthony’s Mother Cindy Anthony Defends Her Trial
    Cindy Anthony (left) and Casey Anthony (right).The entire courtroom was flabbergasted at Cindy Anthony’s powerful defense when she claimed that in fact it wasn’t Casey who searched “Chloroform” on the family computer, but...
  • End of Days
    One taken, one left
    Two in a field, one taken and one left.Two women making flour, one taken and one left.The disciples would ask Jesus about the end, the end times, the end of days and sometimes he would answer very directly. Sometimes he taught in parables....
  • Let your light shine before men
    An opportunity to testify--to let your light shine in the darkness
    Read Luke 21:5-19Traffic JamsRoad constructionCan’t get onlineCleaners lose somethingFlat tireOut of coffeeIt’s hotIt’s coldIt’s freezingNo powerComputer locked upBrakes need replacedDropped callsTelemarketersCows got...
  • Testify in the darkest of times
    Before all these--a simple exegesis of Luke 21:5-19
    This is a basic exegesis of Luke 21:5-19, which is part of this week’s Lectionary.Read this before reading, An Opportunity to testify—to let your light shine in the darkness.Read in the New International Version, then compare with as...
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