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  • Repair or replace--that is the question.
    Repair or replace--that is the question.
    I was on the phone recently with a restaurant service technician, he mentioned what had happened when he went to service a client. He told me that the customer was not entirely happy because he did not replace a part. Instead, he decided to...
  • Drug testing technician needed
    Drug testing technician needed
    The New York City Fire Department is seeking to hire someone as a Drug Testing Technician. This is a non-managerial position which requires night and weekend shifts. The starting annual salary is $44,612.00 to $64,490.00. The work location is 9...
  • Dryer vent cleaning process
    Chimney Safety Institute of America dryer exhaust tech training partnership
    The Chimney Safety Institute of America has taken one of the boldest steps in the history of the Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician (or C-DET) credential by partnering with the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. The CSIA board on May 23, 2014...
  • Rory Caroll's stranded Model S
    Tesla will send a personal mechanic out to you for repairs
    The Tesla Model S, while a great piece of engineering, is still a new entry into the all electric vehicle market.relatively. As refined as they want to make it, problems will always crop up from a new technology. So what does Tesla do when you...
  • Happy Pharmacy Technician Day! (Video)
    Happy Pharmacy Technician Day! (Video)
    Pharmacy Technician DayPharmacy technicians play a great role in the overall healthcare system. Their jobs are not as simple as it might appear. The stress level is high still they have to stay calm at all times. Many might think that it does not...
  • Unemployment
    Securing a job at Midlife
    Finding a job today is challenging for everyone but if you are in the midlife category, the challenge appears to be much greater (Spinelli, & Godat, 2010). You may be one among many who find yourself searching for a job, submitting your resume...
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