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  • The battle for ownership Columbia Point, Boston
    The battle for ownership Columbia Point, Boston
    As the news agencies proclaim a win for law enforcement over the battle of ownership against one of the largest gangs in Boston's history, the massive restoration work begins for the neighborhood of Columbia Point.Law enforcement agencies and...
  • Business Economy
    Reexamining the task: equivalence
    Frequently, after inflation, the period- interregnal, to gestation, encompasses the, those who, pundit, see an overview of resources. Because the omnibus, as well as the deflated, postulates a review of liquidity, negative prosperity, and economic...
  • How to do things you dread
    How to do things you dread
    Do you have a dental appointment and you would rather not go? Are you dreading that interview you are scheduled for? Would you rather not sit in an auto repair shop waiting to get your car serviced? Perhaps these things are what you would rather...
  • This DVD explains some of the time management concepts
    This DVD explains some of the time management concepts
    This 60 minute DVDhad helpful and not so helpful information regarding time management concepts. One example of helpful information is Julie Morgenstern’s assertion that, compared doing one task at a time, studies show that it takes four...
  • T.A.S.K. logo
    Visionary Damion Gonzales takes comics and animation to T.A.S.K.
    The American Heritage Dictionary (Third Edition) defines the word operative as follows: “1. Beign in effect: having force. 2. Functioning effectively. 3. Of or relating to a surgical operation”. Given these definitions writer/creator...
  • System Explorer Makes Windows System Exploration Easier
    "System Explorer" Allows Windows System Exploration Easily
    If you use a PC, you likely have some iteration of Windows as an operating system--and, while more of the commonly known functionality has been explored, there is still much within the Windows OS that can be known. Windows own Task Manager allows...
  • Volunteers Needed for Trenton Area Soup Kitchen
    Volunteers Needed for TASK
    TASK, or Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, is looking for volunteers to wrap plastic utensils for meal services (as shown in picture).Sound boring? Just think of being out of the hot summer sun, getting involved in the community and having great...
  • Changes in attitude
    Tips and strategies for procrastination can be effective and easy
    Struggling with procrastination?Let's cut to the chase withsome tips and strategies that might help.Break the task into smaller pieces (or at least make it so in your mind). “I am only going to do this for 10 or 20 minutes and then will...
  • Procrastination!
    Are you a procrastinator?
    If you're anything like me, you have the best intentions, but never seem to get things done when you say you will or when you plan to. That's procrastination!I've discovered some really great tips to getting myself organized and...
  • Seeing Vintage Desk Lamps in a New Light
    Seeing Vintage Desk Lamps in a New Light
    Big desks & the lamps used to illuminate large work surfaces are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Small computers or laptops allow for smaller work surfaces both at home & the office.As work spaces have become less defined, old...
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