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  • Ammo-up brass retriever
    Range equipment at the SHOT Show
    Guns and ammunition tend to get most of the press coverage at the SHOT Show. But without targets, stands, and other range equipment, there wouldn’t much to shoot at. There were some interesting examples of range equipment at the Show.Range...
  • Setting great fishing goals
    Setting great fishing goals
    Ask any hunter about goals and it's likely that sooner or later, the image of a target will come up in the discussion. We all know that a major part of accomplishment and success in any endeavor requires some planning and the establishment of...
  • Getting On Target
    Don't just `flail & email'--ensure your media targets are `eligible receivers’
    There’s a relatively new category in football statistics—it’s abbreviated TGTS, short for “targets.” As in: this is the number of times that a player had the ball thrown to him.I had heard and seen references to the...
  • U.S. Military target
    SEALs shoot at targets with Quran verses behind them?
    A story in the Pilot Online is causing a bit of controversy because it tells the story of how Navy Seal’s are training its members to fear and hate Muslims by featuring paper targets in a “kill house” that depict a Muslim woman...
  • Targets (Production Still)
    Interview: Peter Bogdanovich (Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel)
    Filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich is forever grateful to Roger Corman, who produced his first motion picture “Targets” in 1968.“Rogergave me the opportunity that started my movie career,” Bogdanovich said in a recent interview...
  • Rifle Target
    Targets, targets and more targets...can't shoot without them!
    One of the basic neccesities when going to the range outside of ammunition and your firearm of choice is of course something to shoot at. If there are NO ZOMBIE's to be had and all the soda can's are shot up and you are trying to dial in a...
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