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  • Turn on Summer
    ComEd and the Chicago Park District Switch on Summer at Buckingham Fountain
    Chicago really knows how to celebrate the arrival Summer. After, the winter that we've had, we are definitely ready to celebrate this year. One sure sign that Summer is near, is seeing Buckingham Fountain's majestic spray. This year ComEd...
  • Perfect Summer Accessories for Going Out in San Diego
    Perfect Summer Accessories for Going Out in San Diego
    Summertime in San Diego is home to amazing weather and great styles. As the weather warms up, it’s the perfect time to bring out your fun summer accessories to give your look extra flare while you’re out in the California sunshine....
  • Good news for Topsail Beach visitors
    Good news for Topsail Beach visitors
    With summer around the corner, people are already planning their beach trips whether for a day or a week. Now they don't have to scratch Topsail Beach off their list due to a recent parking decision.Town commissioners in Topsail Beach...
  • CN Tower in Toronto
    Dallas direct to Toronto direct for Pan Am Games
    Fast approaching are the unending summer days filled with fun and fiery heat in North Texas. For a quick escape, where you can meander without the sunburn, there is a sometimes overlooked option for summer excursions-Toronto! Although it sounds...
  • Summer activities for adults at Club Getaway in Connecticut
    Summer activities for adults at Club Getaway in Connecticut
    Imagine the excitement as a child when you went away to summer camp. Everyone dreamed of that adventurous time away from home, meeting new people, and being seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Club Getaway is the adult version of summer camp....
  • Desert Wear
    Planning A Trip to the Desert? Be Sure to Pack More Than Just Sun Bloc
    Spring is in the air and it’s time to plan ahead for your summer vacation. Perhaps, you want to pack up your camping gear and head out to Palm Springs or Indio for Coachella Fest or the Stagecoach Festival in April.Whatever your pleasure,...
  • White dresses
    10 Trends that will stand out this summer
    These Ten trends will get your summer in the city off to a great and stylish start.
  • Nordic Beach
    Nordic Beach
    Spring is here! Yippie! The snow is melting, flowers are blooming and it’s time to enjoy the sun. Ok… in full disclosure we’re based in Southern California so we have no idea what the whole ‘seasons’ thing is all...
  • NH Abascal
    Room Report: NH Collection Abascal Hotel Madrid, Spain
    Arrival Experience: This historic art deco NH Collection Abascal hotel is among the many in Madrid protected by the government. As a result, when NH Hotels decided to completely overhaul it in 2014, there were numerous stipulations. Guests can see...
  • Bruce Jenner
    Bruce Jenner surgery: Summer sex change operation for Jenner? [REPORT]
    Bruce Jenner's sex change surgeryhas been reportedly set to happen this summer and a source close to him said the former Olympic athlete is ready and has increased his therapeutic visits as it will be in the summer when the change occurs.The...
  • Indian Ranch features 'Under the Sun' tour, Huey Lewis, Beach Boys & more
    Indian Ranch features 'Under the Sun' tour, Huey Lewis, Beach Boys & more
    As the sun starts to peek out behind the scenic mountains over the Webster Lake, it is a surefire sign that spring is right around the corner.What combines live, outdoor entertainment from famous faces of the music landscape with the scenic...
  • Summer camps for Omaha area children and teens
    Summer Camps for Children and Teens in the Omaha area and Surrounding Community
    It’s that time of year again where we start thinking about summer arrangements for the kiddos! If you live in the Omaha area or surrounding community and are seeking a camp that meets your child’s hobbies and needs, below is a list of...
  • Summer travel costs are on the rise
    Commentary: Inflated summer travel rates force families to make tough decisions
    Like most parents, we're big fans of school here at the Working Dad household. We like everything about it, especially the part about keeping the kids busy and out of trouble for nine months a year.It's those other three months that are...
  • Butterflies abound in gardens in the summer.
    Origins and facts about the word “Summer”
    The four seasons are a fact of life that cycle through life annually. Although everyone knows the various conditions that spring, summer, autumn and winter bring few people know the origins behind the words that we use to describe each of these...
  • Improve your chances of having an unforgettable summer.
    Discover summer adventure in Charlotte North Carolina
    Improve your chances of having an unforgettable experience.. Visit the U.S. National Whitewater Center (USNWC) in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their motto is PLAY - RELAX & LEARN and their 700 acre facility is dedicated to the promotion of the...
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