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  • Marine wildlife directly impacted by plastic
    California bans plastic bags, Miami Beach bans styrofoam containers
    California, long known for its progressive stance on the environment, took a major step forward in solidifying this position as the California State Senate finalized its approval of the legislation on Friday, August 29, 2014. The measure is now...
  • Build a Shelter - Save a Life!
    Build a Shelter - Save a Life!
    Here in Milwaukee, we are used to the harsh cold of a long winter. The white sky and the snow-covered ground seem to work in harmony to form a globe of bitter temperatures. And, this winter has been particularly brutal with multiple weeks of sub...
  • Polystyrene or Styrofoam food containers
    Are Polystyrene or Styrofoam food containers harmful?
    Is using polystyrene foam harmful?Most Atlanta businesses use foam cups in their corporate break rooms, just like millions of businesses around the world. The takeout container preference for eateries in Atlanta is usually of the foam variety as...
  • GOP Polystyrene
    Instead of Jobs Republicans fight for............... Polystyrene
    Polystyrene: AKA StyrofoamThe list of issues causing bitter divisions among Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill has a new entry: biodegradable cups.When the House returned Monday from a week-long recess, members and staffers will see...
  • Is the drink you’re drinking toxic?
    Is the drink you’re drinking toxic?
    Is the drink you’re drinking toxic? That is a good question and a scary one too.Many times we go out and order something to eat or to drink. The containers that we are handed are made of Styrofoam. This material by itself is harmless. But,...