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  • Bruno available at the Genesee County Animal Shelter
    Free straw for Genesee County Animals
    FREE Straw for Genesse County Animals, that's right Free!Once again volunteers have come through to help provide free straw for those that need help with keeping their pets warm this winter. The last few months of winter have been brutal not...
  • Straw bale home under construction
    The Three Little Pigs were wrong straw bale homes win
    According to Andrew Morrison at straw bale construction will appear in the 2015 International Residential Building Code.This is a huge accomplishment for home builders, who will now be able to build straw bales homes in areas that...
  • Winter gardening tips
    Winter gardening tips and ideas
    When autumn arrives with its softer light and cooler temperatures, gardeners start packing it in but in many regions, there are still crops to be grown. According to Mother Earth News, cold-hardy crops can give you garden freshness right through...
  • CAA Fall Straw San Diego
    Fall ground cover turns away leaks
    The vegetable mix sold at farm stands in Julian and Escondido that was grown on local farms has been well cut from grounds that were protected from soil erosion by farmers that take on water leakage head on. Toffs of straw built up from pickings...
  • Hermes spring 2011
    Summer 2011 trend: wide-brimmed straw hat
    This Summer 2011, the wide-brimmed straw hat will be gracing the head of women all over the country. This hat is flattering on everyone and with all kinds of different outfits. This trend is more friendly for daytime fashion, and does not...