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  • beating the other bettor's is the name of game
    Betting strategies, betting against public opinion
    Horse racing is a pari-mutual game, which means the public dictates the odds and payouts. What this really means is that the art of handicapping is really where to find inconsistencies in public opinion.Steven Crist’s bookExotic...
  • Iranian nuclear facilities
    Resetting the Iranian nuclear enrichment negotiations
    The President has started a full court press to sell the flawed nuclear agreement with Iran. In two recent articles we used the 9 reasons given for why it is a good agreement and pointed out the flaws in the reasoning. (
  • Daniel Burrus
    Essential Strategies For Exceeding Expectations
    In today’s highly competitive world, it’s never been more important to exceed both personal and professional expectations. If you’re merely meeting expectations, you can position yourself as good — but not great. Or, you...
  • Total War Wargaming
    'Total War: Warhammer' will be the perfect "marriage"
    Sometimes things just add up and make sense. When there is an opportunity to bring strategy elements together, there has to be a specific audience involved. Take the Total War franchise for instance. They have a deep and thorough following of...
  • Galactic Civilizations III
    PC game 'Galactic Civilizations III' review
    Article first published asPC Game Review: ‘Galactic Civilizations III’on Blogcritics.For PC strategy game fans, "Galactic Civilizations III" is the long awaited sequel to Stardock’s "Galactic Civilizations II:...
  • U.S. President Barack Obama
    Obama's strategy for dealing with ISIS is to have no strategy
    What if, in 1943, President Franklin Roosevelt told the media that the allies did not have a “complete strategy” for defeating Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan? The panic that would ensue would have been incandescent. However, the...
  • Online Marketing Strategy
    A Keyword Strategy is Important for Success
    Online marketing is a lot more than just incorporating a PPC campaign or building links and sending emails- it’s a little bit of all these things, but it’s also a lot about following a very customer-centric keyword strategy. It’s...
  • Iraqi forces combat ISIS
    U.S. Iraq approach is failing
    President Obama would have people believe that his strategy for Iraq is something that works in slow motion over a period of time. His approach is to leave office without having secured Iraq because it is too costly in lives and dollars to do...
  • Charles Murray
    Why Charles Murray's strategy is bad, but should be tried anyway
    On May 12, Charles Murray released a new book called By the People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission. In it, he makes the case that government has greatly overstepped any legitimate functions it may have had, has grown too powerful to fight,...
  • Transportation strategy
    Thoughtful discussion about trains in America
    James Pethokoukis, scholar at the American Enterprise Institute posed the question about what to do with Amtrak. That is worth discussing for more reasons than the latest calamity and for more reasons than Amtrak is sucking more taxpayer money...
  • UFC Main Event - Culture vs Strategy
    UFC Main Event: Culture vs. Strategy
    In the UFC Main Event: Culture vs. Strategy, Who is going to be the winner?Let’s meet the contenders:Culture“There’s no magic formula for great company culture. The key is just to treat your staff how you would like to be treated...
  • Clash of Clans by Super Cell
    Ruthless aggression in Clash of Clans
    Game: Clash of ClansDeveloper: SuperCellPlatform: Mobile DeviceHello fellow gamers! Once again we are revisiting Clash of Clans. After devoting a healthy amount of time to actually playing the game and developing an attack style one can understand...
  • Spellwarrior
    Libertarians must be spellwarriors
    In a recent video, Stefan Molyneux discussed the reasons for the prevalence of left-leaning political views among history faculty at universities. In so doing, he used an analogy from Dungeons and Dragons-type fantasy environments to explain the...
  • Wage war, build your clan
    Waging war from your hand with Clash of Clans
    Games: Clash of ClansDeveloper: SuperCellGenre: StrategyHello fellow gamers! Mobile gaming usually doesn’t get a lot shine here but with well over 100 million downloads, 4.6 out of 5 rating on the Google Play store and 12 million players...
  • Take a seat and write your 2015 marketing and business plan TODAY.
    5 tips for writing your 2015 business plan
    There’s still time to write your business plan for 2015! Sure, it’s December 31 and you’re cutting it kind of close… but with a little reflection and quick planning, you’ll start the New Year with clarity and...
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