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  • Anarchy symbol
    25 statist propaganda phrases and how to rebut them
    In the discourse of statists, there is a group of phrases of which one or more tend to be present in nearly every argument. While this is not an exhaustive listing of that group, it does contain twenty-five of the most common phrases that statists...
  • Globalist Party of America
    Globalists of the world Unite!
    The gloves are off. The cover-up is uncovered. The secret is open. The conspiracy is no longer a theory.For those who haven't been watching, as of August 22, 2013 the American branch of the New World Order has its own Champion of Statism, a...
  • California will pay schools to train kids to sell ObamaCare
    California will pay schools to train kids to sell ObamaCare
    The public has been informed to see ObamaCare precisely for what it is, socialized medicine that will make worse our current health care system, and has been strongly opposed to it's enacting into law. President Barack Obama and Democrat...
  • God reigns in justice
    Relating The Emperor's New Clothes to the American Scene
    Why did the little boy in the story of the Emperor's New Clothes see that it was wrong that the emperor was wearing no clothes while the rest of the kingdom continued to praise the king? Could it be that the little boy was like the &ldquo...
  • Mazie Hirono
    Mazie Hirono: Marxist disaster area
    Mazie Hirono is the Representative for Hawaii's 2nd District, and is running for retiring Daniel Akaka's Senate seat. While just about everyone who's aware of her knows that she's a leftist, just how radical she is is not common...
  • Big sky
    Government health care and the god complex
    Blaise Pascal once noted that man has a God shaped void in his life. What he meant is that all men need God. This need is so powerful that when man rejects the one true living God he will create another god to suit his own desires. Usually he...
  • President Obama speaks about a payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance.
    Does Obama really believe his own statist blather?
    There are many valid reasons for voting to unseat Barack Obama as president, not the least of them unsettling statements like the one he made on Monday in which he intimated that keeping tax rates at their current levels is a form of government...
  • Nyet!
    The "Neighborhood Socialist" Defeating the Left, one petty tyrant at a time.
    Much of politics can be tallied into one of two columns; distressing or infuriating. Since the ascension of Barack Obama to the pinnacle of American leadership, we have been subjected to far more of the latter. To those of you who follow the...
  • deep impact
    When Statism And The Constitution Collide: A Nation's Course In Balance
    Senator Harry Reid has saved the world. The quirky Reid has now admitted, in a public forum, that if t'were not for him "the world would be in a depression." Reid, apparently faster than a speeding pullet, able to leap tall bills out...
  • President Barack Obama makes a statement regarding the BP Deepwaater Horizon oil spill
    Obama to BP: Show me the money - how U.S. corporations will be affected
    Obama doesn’t believe the rule of law is adequate--BP settling claims in court—and must institute his own rule of law. That included siphoning $20 billion from BP for the Gulf oil catastrophe. According to B.O., that’s only the...
  • Counter protesters hold anti-illegal immigration signs during a march to celebrate International Workers' Day and to protest Arizona's new controversial immigration law Saturday May 1, 2010 in San Francisco.
    The great illegal immigration debate
    There’s been a lot of debate around the recent Arizona illegal immigration law S.B. 1070 meant to enforce existing federal law. Mexicans and liberals have been protesting and calling the law racist and discriminatory. You see, they miss the...
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