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  • JosefVStalin
    Stalin Society of North America
    The Stalin Society of North America (SSNA) is the result of many months of hard work and many years of hopeful emulation. In London, in 1991, the Stalin Society-UK was formed as an organization whose stated goal was to refute anti-communist and...
  • TarzanIV
    Ivanov's human-ape hybrids
    Did Joseph Stalin order the creation of an army of half-ape, half-human hybrids, and did these experiments take place? It was the Soviet premier's dream: Soldiers with no fear, with superhuman strength and endurance, who would follow any order...
  • Is Joseph Stalin the new President?
    Is Joseph Stalin the new President?
    If you wish to receive future articles, please click on SUBSCRIBE.During the past week, nothing seemed to be more shocking and vile than the Park Ranger's statement to The Washington Times they are being ordered to “make life difficult...
  • Dr. Evil
    Atheism 101: Addressing the 'Hitler, Stalin, and Mao' claim
    Often times when atheists criticize religious believers for the atrocities done by theists that are explicitly condoned in the Bible or some other holy book, the theist will turn around and point out that Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were all atheists...
  • Obama
    GOP congressional candidate compares Obama to Hitler, Stalin on abortion
    Dr. Marisha Agana, a Republican medical doctor challenging Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), compared Obama to three brutal twentieth-century dictators on Sunday.“History has a way of repeating itself: Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse Tung and now Obama!!!&rdquo...
  • Collaborators
    Mikhail Bulgakov and Joseph Stalin come together in Collaborators
    Collaborators, a new play directed by Nicholas Hytner and written by John Hodge, will be played live on Dec. 15, 2011, by the National Theater Live, in collaboration with the Amphibian Stage Productions, and The Museum of Modern Art in Forth Worth...
  • Nazi Belt Buckle
    Refuting The Myth That Hitler, Stalin And Pol Pot Were Atheists
    It is a common talking point amongst Christians to attribute the horrors committed by infamous world leaders to atheism, and many times we are ill-equipped to refute those erroneous claims. In fact, last year, an Anglican Archbishop named Peter...
  • Stalins-Secret-Lair-Cities-of-the-Underworld-Kremlin
    Stalin's Secret Lairs- Cities of the Underworld Pt. 1
    Moscow is home to over 10 million people and is known as the largest city in Europe. Cities of the Underworld takes a dive into the secrets of Russia, also known as the Soviet Union for this show, during the Stalin's reign to look at Stalin...
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