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  • Kepler-7b
    Today's weather forecast is patchy clouds: On exoplanet Kepler-7b
    Patchy clouds in the west and clear skies in the east. That is the current weather forecast, not for anywhere on Earth, but for a much more distant world in another solar system. For the first time, astronomers have been able to map cloud patterns...
  • Here's the sunset. 4.10.12
    The tide goes in; the tide goes out
    We once loved Current TV. I have tried to give it a second chance. Still, people ask where it is and why I still go there. Afterglow, I guess. Thechandelier has left the building. Now, we have Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer, who used to be Keith'...
  • Elliot Spitzer call girl Ashley Dupre opening Jersey Shore lingerie shop
    Eliot Spitzer call girl Ashley Dupre opening Jersey Shore lingerie shop
    Ashley Alexandra Dupré, the former high-priced courtesan whose romps with Eliot Spitzer torpedoed his career as New York’s governor, plans to open a lingerie and swimwear store in Red Bank, the New Jersey website redbankgreen is reporting. ...
  • Eta Corvi
    Comet storm in alien solar system
    New evidence from the Spitzer Space Telescope suggests that there is a "storm" of comets surrounding a nearby star, Eta Corvi, which is about 60 light-years from Earth. It is thought to be similar to the "Late Heavy Bombardment"...
  • CNN Spitzer says to Alec Baldwin: ' You almost sound like Sarah Palin'  (video)
    CNN Spitzer says to Alec Baldwin: 'You almost sound like Sarah Palin' (video)
    "Wuh, wuh, wuh," stuttered Alec Baldwin, before Spitzer interrupted with surprise, "I've never heard you stammer before." However it wasn't the stammer that surprised Spitzer as much as the personal reasons Baldwin gave...
  • A computer simulation of Earth's dust tail/ring
    Earth's Dust Tail may be the key to finding new exoplanets
    Did you know that the Earth has a dust tail? The Spitzer Space Telescope sailed right through it a few months ago, giving researchers a clear idea of what it looks like. That could be a big help to planet hunters trying to track down alien worlds....
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