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  • Sonia Sotomayor
    Sotomayor blocks Obamacare's birth control
    Throwing a monkey wrench into Obamacare’s Jan. 1, 2014 requirement for health insurers to cover birth control, 59-year-old Associate Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor allowed her Catholic faith to interfere with her oath of office....
  • Justice Sotomayor
    SCOTUS Justice Sotomayor visits Annapolis as Dream Act opponents submit petition
    Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor came for a tour of the state capitol last Wednesday, just one day before the deadline for signature collection on the referendum petition against SB167, which grants tax funded in-state tuition to illegal immigrants...
  • together
    Empathy - feminine power for the future
    As we move into this new millennium re-thinking and re-creating the global structures – social, political, cognitive – that will sustain us and the earth, we need to give special attention to feminine values and experiences that have...
  • langtooncolor072310_500.jpg
    Race relations a la Obama (Cartoon)
    Has The New Administration Been An Agent Of Change, Or A Throwback To An Earlier Time? When campaigning for the presidency, then candidate Barack Obama ran on a platform of Change and inclusiveness. What we have seen is anything but, as knee-jerk...
  • 1911_on_floor.JPG
    The Supreme Court and the Second Amendment
    The minimum tool for libertyThe Supreme Courtjesters have handed down their ruling on The Second Amendment. Their ruling did not surprise me. Let's see if you are smarter than a "Supreme". I'm betting you are."A well regulated...
  • ElenaKaganObama.jpg
    Video: A look at Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's chances of confirmation
    Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan at the podium after an introduction from President Obama. AP Photo Solicitor General Elena Kagan has become President Obama's second Supreme Court nominee. While the nomination is an accomplishment by itself, it...