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  • Skybox+Google
    Google acquires Skybox Imaging satellite imaging start-up
    Google, Inc. has paid $500 million for Skybox Imaging, a start-up company that produces cheaper satellites for earth images and video delivered to customers in as little as twenty minutes. Google's release to investors states "Skybox...
  • DICE
    DICE is hosting the Skynet Revolution Online Coding Contest!
    Join the Skynet Revolution Online Coding Contest!What if your code could save the future of mankind?Dice is glad to partner with, a new international programming platform, where you can improve your craft and play fun programming...
  • Elzhi, Truth Living at New Parish January 27th
    Elzhi, Truth Living at New Parish January 27th
    Detroit based emcee Elzhi entered the hearts of hip-hop heads around the world as one-third of the hip-hop trio Slum Village. Despite releasing music prior to joining the group, Elzhi slowly became one of the most recognizable and loved members of...
  • Robots meet for the first time
    Watch in terror as two robots prepare to do battle
    In the future when the machines rise up and crush its human overlords with metallic fist (assuming they have fist) we will look back and blame those Canadians for starting the mechanical apocalypse.A group ofCanadian robotics engineers have...
  • skynet
    Termination coming? - Skynet online and Judgment Day is set for April 21
    Remember all of The Terminator movies and how the fictional sentient computer system known as Skynet was determined to take over the world, make robots the main inhabitants, and eliminate all of humanity. Yeah, well its that time.According to the...
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