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  • Marcy Lally's bones
    Marcy Lally's bones
    Pieces of animal skull art are common in the Southwest but local artist, Marcy Lally, brings this art form to Kansas City with exquisite pieces she created using the skulls of deer, squirrels, elk and horse in her collection called "Skin and...
  • Human skulls donated
    Human skulls donated: Goodwill looking for the numbskull who donated 3 skulls
    Human skulls donated to a Goodwill in a Seattle suburb are making the heads swim of the thrift store management, who along with local police, are actively looking for the numbskull who decided that parsimonious shoppers might just have a need to...
  • Bone collector
    Bone Collector Helps Scientific Research
    If anyone deserves the nickname “Bones” It’s Raymond Bandar.And while he is not the emotional doctor on “Star Trek” or the attractive anthropologist on the Fox television show, Bandar’s fascination with animal...
  • Photographing Dia de los Muertos
    Photographing Dia de los Muertos
    In previous years, I’ve offered thoughts on locations and the differing techniques for photographing children and adults at Halloween. This year, let me suggest a venue where you will find the wee ones dressed as normal Halloween characters...
  • Something wicked this way came!
    Something wicked this way came!
    Although this is not the first time that storm clouds have produced eerie images (you can see one HERE), it is definitely extra creepy to see skulls in the sky, especially during a particularly vicious storm.That’s exactly what was captured...
  • Raskulls
    Raskulls Grand Prix Racing
    Game: RaskullsDeveloper: Half BrickPlayers: 4Genre: Platforming/PuzzleTags: Raskulls, skulls, race, dlc, developedWelcome to the great race fellow gamers! We are revisiting the awesome game of Raskulls developed by Half Brick and available for...
  • Skull Trend
    Skull Trend
    The skull trend has been around for all of 2012 and will be seen going into 2013 too. Of course, the most famous skull print was created by Alexander Mcqueen himself on his scarfs which were seen on almost every celebrity in Hollywood, notably...
  • saves the day skulls
    Saves the Day covers The Misfits (Video)
    New Jersey pop punk pioneers Saves The Day defined their career with heartfelt, yet catchy emo classics. It may seem surprising that the band decided to cover horror punk legends The Misfits, but most pop punk bands have ‘70s punk roots....
  • Day of the Dead  Mexican Chocolate Cinnamon Cupcakes
    Day of the Dead Mexican Chocolate Cinnamon Cupcakes
    The Day of the Dead is a Mexican event to honor the deceased. It is traditionally celebrated on November 1st, the day after Halloween, but many people in Portland choose to celebrate it on Halloween instead. This simple recipe can be used for...
  • Los Calavera
    The 11th Annual Dia de los Muertos at Hollywood Forever Cemetery
    Usually when it rains in Los Angeles, activities stop dead in their tracks. Simple decisions become complicated. People hibernate in their homes, and do not dare come out until every puddle in the street is evaporated.Not so with the participants...
  • New DUI Dry Suit has "skulls" theme for Halloween
    New Scuba Dry Suit unveiled with an appropriate theme for Halloween
    International Dry Suit manufacturer DUI (Diving Unlimited International) has introduced a new design for their scuba diving suits that’s very appropriate for Halloween. The new “skull” design is actually one of four limited...
  • Alkaline Trio plays Dallas and supports latest album, This Addiction.
    Alkaline Trio plays Dallas during the Vans Warped Tour July 3rd, 2010
    Alkaline Trio performed to a sticky crowd of Warped Tour attendees on Saturday, July 3rd in Dallas, Texas. The band’s set time came during the height of the humidity and overcast UV laden sun beams sneaking through clouds just enough to...
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