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  • Cancerous return
    Rebirth of Auschwitz
    When one hears the term ‘Auschwitz’, visions of German POW camps filled with starving Jews headed for the gas chamber come to mind. Accenting the landscape are red flags displaying black swastikas. Due to the heroic efforts of the...
  • Egyptian soldier manning a machine gun
    Egypt invasion rumors fray nerves in Gaza
    Hamas officials on Sept 3 tried in vain to tamp down rumors of a pending Egyptian military invasion spreading among the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip. Hamas insists the rumors are baseless, one of which even suggests a joint Israeli...
  • A Salafist Propaganda Video
    Suspected Islamists bomb pipeline in Egypt's Sinai
    A suspected group of terrorists bombed an important natural-gas pipeline on Sunday morning in Egypt's North Sinai which transports natural gas into the Kingdom of Jordan, according to an Israeli police source.According to the police officer,...
  • Whose God is it Anyway?
    Whose God: The Calf that Roared
    Throughout the Bible, one story stands out above all others: The story of Israel’s escape from bondage in Egypt and their journey to the Promised Land. No story is referenced more often, and the “memory’ of the event left an...
  • Levels of Meaning
    Mishpatim: Levels of Meaning
    Through Kabbalah we may understand the deeper meanings of Torah. It is a system of discovery that operates according to each person's predilections for self inquiry. Kabbalah deals directly with the symbols that are the language both spoken...
  • gas
    Egypt gas supply pipeline explosion could be sabotage
    As anti-government protests in Egypt went into their 12th day and despite protesters'demands that President Hosni Mubarak leave office immediately, the Egyptian president has indicated that if he were to step down, the country would descend...
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