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  • Harvin suddenly dealt to Jets
    Seahawks admirable or foolish in trading Percy Harvin?
    The Seattle Seahawks stunned the NFL by arranging for Percy Harvin to be traded to the New York Jets on Oct. 17. At first glance, the Seahawks looked like they were only hurting themselves, given how explosive Harvin can be and has been -- at...
  • Halloween at Woodland Park Zoo
    Woodland Park Zoo Annual Halloween Celebration Happens in October
    The Woodland Park Zoo decorates its grounds with pumpkins, scarecrows, and other Halloween decorations. The zoo is a great place to visit for all ages, and is especially fun for children during the Halloween season. This years Pumpkin Bash happens...
  • 2014 Seattle Interactive Conference
    The 2014 Seattle Interactive Conference Explores the Digital Landscape
    From October 15 to 16, 2014, the 4th Annual Seattle Interactive Conference (SIC) will bring together over 4,000 attendees to the Washington State Convention Center for an event featuring over 100 speakers, a company exhibition Hub, structured...
  • Meal Plan Monday: Autumn Harvest Edition
    Meal Plan Monday 10-12-14 Autumn Harvest Edition
    This week the focus is on the bounty of the Autumn harvest.The city of Seattle is a great place to live for the budget meal-minded. We have a plethora of places to procure fresh, varied, healthy, cost-friendly ingredients that is mostly due to our...
  • Fall Colors
    Fall Adventures for the Whole Family
    Fall in the Pacific Northwest offers opportunities for beautiful colors. Many places are accessible for people of all ages, disabilities, and with children. The Bellingham area is one such place, and it is about 1.5 hours north of Seattle. It is...
  •  A general view of the statue of Christopher Columbus by Gaetano Russo
    Italian-Americans react with outrage against Seattle's attack on Columbus Day
    When the Seattle City Council voted to replace Columbus Day with something called Indigenous Peoples Day, it touched off a political firestorm. According to a Friday story in the Seattle Times, the city’s 25,000 Italian-American community...
  • UFO stalks passenger jet: Video captures space craft outside the plane's window!
    UFO follows passenger jet over Seattle: Video of space craft looks familiar
    A UFO appeared to be stalking a jet filled with passengers as it flew over Seattle, Washington in a new video posted online. The video appears on YouTube and seeing this outside the plane’s window must have been frightening for the...
  • EverGreen Escapes
    Adventure Hub Opens in Seattle
    Opening soon for lifelong and first time travelers based in Seattle, Washington is a place to personally connect with other passionate wanderers, swap stories and dreams of future adventures and even begin planning the next big trip, aptly called...
  • Columbus day
    Seattle City Council votes to rename Columbus Day to 'Indigenous Peoples' Day
    It's the kind of political correctness to be expected in a city that elected a socialist and ordered workers to quit using the term "citizen" in official documents. On Monday, the Seattle City Council voted unanimously to change...
  • ...bygones
    Review: ...bygones, by David Johnson
    David Johnson is a great guitar and piano player. His live renditions are fantastic extensions of his recordings which heavily rely on his vocals, story-telling and instrumentals. Johnson says he began his song-writing journey over ten years ago....
  • Sunday Inspiration: African Americans, 5 Ways to Boost Your Spirit in Seattle
    Sunday Inspiration: African Americans, 5 Ways to Boost Your Spirit in Seattle
    Truth: life is tough. If you breathe air, walk on two legs and interact with other people, you face a mix of challenges. Yet, there are ways to boost your spirit, especially in Seattle.
  • Yes, the food really does taste this good
    Munchery in Seattle: Dinner Made Easy
    I'm just going to say it: I LOVE MUNCHERY.Everyone has been asking about the many different food delivery options in Seattle, so I've been on a mission to forgo cooking (poor me) and try them all. Of course, I'll have to continue this...
  • Seattle
    Seattle residents will be required to compost or pay fine
    Seattle residents will now have to be more judicious with their composting or face a fine. The city council passed the ordinance on Monday, putting a $1 fine on leaving too many table scraps in the trash. For businesses and apartment complexes the...
  • Oprah Winfrey on movie promo
    'Oprah's The Life You Want Weekend' is coming to the Key Arena
    Buy yourself an early Christmas gift. Oprah Winfrey, the ex-queen of daytime television, is coming to the northwest. Why? She wants to help residents of Washington state be more authentic and achieve their dreams.The Purpose In her tour - Oprah&...
  • The Seattle Shorts Film Festival is a big deal--here's why
    The Seattle Shorts Film Festival is a big deal--here's why
    The 4th annual Seattle Shorts Film Festival will bring another round of outstanding short films and filmmakers toSeattle this November. Three screenings on November 15th at the SIFF Film Center will showcase the best newwork of local, US, and...