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  • College basketball desperately needs to lower its shot clock time in 2015
    Why college basketball desperately needs to lower its shot clock time in 2015
    What's the difference between a college basketball game and watching paint dry in 2015? At least when paint dries something is actually happening.While the above might be a bit of an exaggeration many college basketball fans will say not by...
  • Scor-Pal Ultimate Package Review
    Scor-Pal Ultimate Package Review
    The Scor-Pal is a handy crafting tool that makes creating scores on paper and other materials simple and easy while the Ultimate Package contains everything you need for a great start to crafting with scoring.Ease of Use, Performance: 5/5Look &...
  • The Following
    John Frizzell talks scoring FOX's serial killer thriller 'The Following'
    Have you ever wondered who provides the creepy score for FOX's The Following? That'd be John Frizzell, the same guy who's responsible for the classic workplace comedy Office Space and the network's animated series King of the Hill....
  • Chris Bosh baby
    Unselfish ways propelling Heat
    High scoring and unselfish play has marked the start of the season for the Miami Heat.With their 104-95 victory at Toronto Tuesday night, the have started a season with five 100-point plus games for the first time in franchise history.The Heat...
  • How to fix MMA scoring
    How to fix MMA scoring
    There's a word I'm going to throw around again and again throughout this article, and that word is "damage".My reason being that, in my opinion, fighting sports should be scored based upon fighting logic. How do you "judge...
  • Tim Pawlenty
    Would Romney pick an anti-Romney, like Pawlenty?
    CNN is now evaluating VP candidates too. They assess Tim Pawlenty in an article in which they describe him as being anti-Romney as he was during the campaign. It was Pawlenty that invented the term, “Romneycare,” a parody on Obamacare...
  • Tina Thompson 2010
    League legends lounge in 'the 5,000 corridor'
    Tamika Catchings, Becky Hammon, Lauren Jackson, Lisa Leslie, DeLisha Milton-Jones, Katie Smith, Tangela Smith, Diana Taurasi, and Tina Thompson. If that list of WNBA veterans were introduced in its raw form, that group of players would undoubtedly...
  • Scoring
    Why the 10-point score system doesn't work for game reviews
    When reviewing a game, scoring it can be a tenuous task. The reviewer is asked to sum up the gist of their entire critique in a simple score while remaining cognisant of the fact that most people will not read the actual review. Since much weight...
  • 300 ring
    Top scores of yesteryear pale in comparison to today's numbers
    Congratulations to John Bancs for his association-high 279 game (in 1973), and kudos to Dave Musselman and Joe Ameling, the only members of the Sarasota-Manatee County Bowling Association to top the 700 series mark (in 1975-76).Let's also...
  • Basketball
    By the Numbers
    With Iowa boys' basketball district tournaments less than two weeks away, here are some of the scoring and rebounding leaders in each class.In 1A, Marshall Dolch from Villisca leads in scoring with 385 points after 16 games, which gives him a...
  • Bowling Duo
    What's Your Strike Percentage?
    While bowling averages are the main barometer of any league, a new statistic has emerged as another key indicator of a bowler's success: Strike Percentage.Strike percentage is calculated by dividing the total number of strikes by total number...
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