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  • X-Men: Schism
    Spoiler Rundown: Schism (X-Men)
    “Stay tuned to your screens, my mutant brothers and sisters. For those of you out there who dare still doubt the hate and fear the humans harbor for us, it's time you turn on, tune in and pull your head out of your #*$@% ass...and just...
  • The Buddha
    The spiritual descent into bad religion
    Here is a synopsis of how to get into bad religion. It doesn't matter if we are speaking of Christianity or any other belief system; once it goes wrong, there is a very slippery slope that frequently appears under our feet.In order to...
  • X-Men Schism
    X-Men divided in Schism
    Near the end of 2011, Marvel decided to take the X-Men in a new direction. After two years of the X-Men slowly segregating themselves on the island Utopia, the battle between the two most important heroes of the team finally happened in X-Men:...
  • X-Men: Schism #5
    X-Men: Schism #5
    Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.It's a fight beyond belief or reason in this climax issue of the story meant to cast the X-Men in twain, and the longer you manage to keep reason out, the better!Wolverine practically opens up the...
  • Marvel Comics News 8/23/11: Avengers Footage; Ghost Rider 2 Trailer & Thor Dies?
    Marvel Comics News 8/23/11: Avengers Footage; Ghost Rider 2 Trailer & Thor Dies?
    - Marvel Studios' "THE AVENGERS", directed by Joss Whedon, is filming in Cleveland as I type, and the biggest buzz of the week centered on some snaps of Chris Evans as Captain America filming a scene alongside Chris Hemsworth's...
  • Mexican Presbyterian Church
    Mexican Presbyterian Church ends 139-year old relationship over Gay Clergy issue
    The PC(USA) is so “inclusive,” aren’t we? We are getting more “inclusive” by the day, which is why Christians around the world are pointing out that we have left the holy catholic church. I hope those of you who have...
  • schism
    Schism tools up the Hudson River
    Premier tribute band Schism played the Rocks Off Concert Cruise series Thursday night, entertaining a sold out boatload of metal fans with their dead-on renditions of Tool’s most intense music as they cruised Manhattan’s scenic...
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