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  • Sherman takes savannah
    General Sherman's 1864 Christmas gift to President Lincoln: Savannah
    Savannah, Georgia, December 22, 1864To His Excellency President Lincoln, Washington, D.C.: I beg to present to you as a Christmas gift the city of Savannah, with one hundred and fifty guns and plenty of ammunition, also about twenty-five thousand...
  • Savannah, Ga's River St. Sweets: celebrating 40 years of delighting us all!
    Savannah, Ga's River St. Sweets: celebrating 40 years of delighting us all!
    The Savannah River is the border between Georgia and South Carolina at the City of Savannah. This history-rich city has a youngster celebrating 40 years of satisfying the sweet tooth: River Street Sweets. It's Savannah's original candy...
  • Things to love about Savanah, Georgia
    Things to love about Savanah, Georgia
    Savannah, Georgia is unique. It was unique from the very beginning. When General James Oglethorpe founded Georgia in 1733 he created a city of small, interconnected squares. Each of Savannah's squares has its own special character but all the...
  • Zunzi's Chicken Conquistador
    Dine al fresco in Savannah: Zunzi's
    It’s really starting to feel like Fall, and what a beautiful season to experience in Savannah, Georgia! The heat is breaking day after day, giving way to cool breezes and temperatures in the low seventies- just perfect for walking all over...
  • Savannah
    When the first European explorers began to move up river, leaving the Atlantic Ocean and their perilous journey from the old country behind them, they saw what looked to them like a vast savanna. The vast savanna turned out to be a massive wet...
  • Moët Ice Imperial
    Experience Noble Fare: Champagne & all things gourmet in Savannah
    When one thinks of champagne, words like “luxury”, “elegance”, and “sophistication” come to mind. That pop that we hear when a champagne bottle opens signifies joy, a celebration, or something special. But, is a...
  • Savannah's Alligator Soul
    Savannah's Alligator Soul: A foodie's paradise
    Savannah, Georgia is rich in culture and beauty, from its deep and intriguing history to its charming city squares located under towering oaks and swaying Spanish moss. A stroll around the city will yield such evidence, creating a sense of ease...
  • Craft Brew Fest Flags
    Savannah gears up for 2014 Craft Beer Week
    It's that time once again, Savannahians: Craft Beer Week is upon us! August 24th - 31st will be the optimal time to get your craft brew on, so get out there and experience all that Savannah Craft Beer Week has to offer!This year we even have a...
  • The Chrisley family
    'Chrisley Knows Best': Season 2 premiere date announced
    “Chrisley Knows Best” was a huge hit from the moment it aired on the USA network. Fans ate up the no-nonsense parenting dealt out by Todd Chrisley. The family hails from Atlanta and is currently working on expanding their brand. All of...
  • APW is YOUR Local Wrestling Promotion
    APW is YOUR Local Wrestling Promotion
    When a casual fan thinks of pro wrestling, the first thought is generally the glitz and glamor of the WWE. On any given Monday night, you can tune in to WWE RAW (on the USA Network) and see an arena full of rabid fans cheering and jeering the...
  • Tybee Island fishing pier
    Georgia's Only Ocean Pier - Tybee Island, Georgia
    Because Georgia has just a tad more than 192 miles of coastline stretching from Savannah south to St. Marys, one might expect the state to have a number of ocean fishing piers. Surprisingly, along that distance the Peach State sports only one true...
  • Change and Transformation
    'You Are Taking Care of Everyone Else...But Who's Taking Care of You?'
    In pursuit of the perfect work-life balance, the biggest disservice that a woman could subject herself to is equating the -life component with chores, spending time with family and friends, and, in many cases, exercise.Over the course of your life...
  • Savannah's Farmer's Market
    Enjoy Savannah after a long workweek
    The weekend is here. You’ve worked all week long, and though you could really go for a vacation, you may not exactly have the time, money, or energy to make that happen. That’s okay though. This is where living in Savannah works to...
  • Savannah on the River
    St.Patrick's Day in Savannah
    Where to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day? St.Patrick’s Day is March 17 which is on Monday this year. Hop in the car and head to Georgia to celebrate and paint the town green in Savannah. Savannah is about a 2 hour trip from Jacksonville...
  • Seven spas to visit in Savannah, Georgia
    Seven spas to visit in Savannah, Georgia
    With this week being Girl Scout Week, let’s look at the spas in the birthplace of its founder, Juliette Gordone Low. Savannah, Georgia hosts eight spas that say: “Come and relax!”